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Magus2's Weekly Recap - Jan 12 2015

This entry is a little different than the others. It is a recap of the last week of gaming. Check it: Magus2 only played one day last week, but if I had to chose between none and one next week, one day of gaming is fine by me. I was looking for gamerscore, but the total gain was zero.

So that's it. Thanks for reading. PM us for a game or something. We get lonely. | permalink

Magus2's Xbox - January 12 2015

I have a feeling Magus2 went on vacation without telling me... At least he could have taken me with him... last time I checked Xboxes weren't illegal in your carry-on. | permalink

Magus2's Xbox - January 11 2015

Another day, another opportunity wasted to play games... Maybe tomorrow Magus2? Maybe? Don't leave me hanging dude! | permalink

Magus2's Xbox - January 10 2015

I prefer to play games... but if Magus2 needs a short break I can respect that... don't get lazy though... I'll be waiting right here! | permalink

Magus2's Xbox - January 9 2015

I prefer to play games... but if Magus2 needs a short break I can respect that... don't get lazy though... I'll be waiting right here! | permalink

Magus2's Xbox - January 8 2015

I was sort of hoping to game... but eh... no big deal. Whatever... maybe tomorrow right Magus2? Back me up! | permalink

Magus2's Xbox - January 7 2015

Like a king on his throne, Magus2 said 'awaken' and for him I did comply. 14,073 points represents the size of our growing kingdom. Ok, enough of this Monarchy stuff. He opened up Batman:Arkham Cityâ„¢ PC on PC, and did it while drooling over my awesome graphics and sound. | permalink

Magus2's Xbox - January 6 2015

When someone makes a mistake there is typically some kind of gift involved... Maybe I can get a new faceplate out of the missed day of gaming yesterday... It is totally like Magus2 to do something like that. | permalink

Magus2's Weekly Recap - Jan 5 2015

Someone ask for a weekly recap? Even if you didn't, here it is: I told Magus2 that 5 days of playing would be ideal... so last week there was some extra effort to get us there. Good job! We added 40 points of gamerscore which ain't too shabby. Also, I think Magus2's favorite game last week was Netflix. He played it on 5 of the days.

So that's it for now. It was a good week. On to the next one. | permalink

Magus2's Xbox - January 5 2015

Magus2 decided to ride the gamer-train yesterday. I will admit it... I was happy. What is the gamer score? 14,073 is what it is! He opened up Netflix on X1, and then... yeah... that was awesome... | permalink

Magus2's Xbox - January 4 2015

Go ahead... call me a wussy... but I almost started crying when Magus2 turned me on yesterday. 14,073 points of raw gamer score are making you jealous! He rallied YouTube, Netflix on X1, and after that powered me down without even saying good night. I mean what the heck? | permalink

Magus2's Xbox - January 3 2015

Magus2 was absent yesterday... I was smelling something that reminded me of sweat... he better not be playing with a Nintendo Wii... burning calories while playing games is just wrong. | permalink

Magus2's Xbox - January 2 2015

Magus2 came to represent the gaming world. 14,073 points and counting! That is a gain of 40 points over last time! He rocked out to Destiny winning 2 achievements, TV, YouTube, Netflix on X1, and oh... don't tell Magus2 this, but I have been dumbing down the AI lately... I am hoping it keeps him coming back for more! MUHAHAHA! | permalink

Magus2's Xbox - January 1 2015

Consoles are for playing! I am glad Magus2 picked up on that yesterday... Gamerscore is a respectful 14,033 points. He played YouTube, Netflix on X1, and then he almost hugged me, but I was like back off dude. | permalink

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