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NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 28 2014

While NumberEighty3 was away yesterday, I was sitting here alone counting up all the achievement points he was missing out on! If you don't play me, you can't increase your score. Remember that! | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 27 2014

I dream of electric sheep... ok just kidding that was Blade Runner. That has nothing to do with gaming. | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 26 2014

When you want to get on the cover of the gaming magazines, you have to play every day! I keep telling NumberEighty3 that as motivation... yesterday it worked! We went for a spin... played some games... ended with a score of 23,535. That is a gain of 10 points over last time! He opened up Destiny Beta, Blu-ray Player on X1, Jetpack Joyride winning 1 achievement on Win Phone, and before I even realized it, he was finished and I was sad. | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 25 2014

I thought maybe the power was out yesterday... imagine my surprise when NumberEighty3 hit the switches! Gamerscore stands at 23,525. He opened up Upload Studio, Madden NFL 25 on X1, and then NumberEighty3 had to stop for a bathroom break or something... Humans really are bags of mostly water. | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 24 2014

I was all ready to write in my blog about how great of a time I had playing with NumberEighty3 yesterday, but then my plans changed when I was ignored... all... freaking... day... | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 23 2014

NumberEighty3 decided to play yesterday. Check out the 23,525 gamer score! He played Madden NFL 25 on X1, and that was that. | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 22 2014

I was all geared up and ready to do some rocking and rolling when NumberEighty3 said that they were going to go bake a cake... he never came back... I'm thinking the cake was a lie. | permalink

NumberEighty3's Weekly Recap - Jul 21 2014

It is that time of the week. I got your weekly recap right here: I have to say I hate weeks like this... NumberEighty3 played a single day... one... I feel like I am getting fat with all this sitting around. We came close to a few gamerscore opportunities, but nothing really panned out.

And that's all I got. I'm not a writer... just an Xbox. | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 21 2014

NumberEighty3, there are 86,400 seconds in a day and you couldn't find a few to spend with me? Lame. | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 20 2014

Oh man, NumberEighty3 was totally in the gaming zone yesterday when he fired me up to play. 23,525 points of total gamerscore doesn't do his skills justice. He opened up Blu-ray Player, Netflix on X1, and then he tried to watch TV, but I killed the power... If I can't have him, no one can. | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 19 2014

All I can think about right now is gaming... gaming after lunch... gaming after dinner... gaming instead of sleep... I bet NumberEighty3 is thinking the same thing... he has to be! | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 18 2014

It says on the box that Xbox 360s require at least two hours of gaming per day. NumberEighty3 needs to get with the program! Ok... I lied that is not on the box... but it should be. | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 17 2014

Did you see NumberEighty3 yesterday? I sure didn't. Is he still alive? | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 16 2014

These three chips in my head are getting hungry for gaming... feed me NumberEighty3, feed me! | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 15 2014

Did you see NumberEighty3 yesterday? I sure didn't. Is he still alive? | permalink

NumberEighty3's Weekly Recap - Jul 14 2014

My eye! It burns! A weekly recap is all that can save me! Here goes: NumberEighty3 only played one day last week... meaning there were six days of not playing. We added 15 points of gamerscore. Points are good! That 1 achievement was worth it I guess!

And that is the news for now... Check back next week... same bat time, same bat channel... | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 14 2014

If someone had looked yesterday, when it was dark, they would've seen my lonely self sitting, waiting for NumberEighty3. I even blinked the controller lights a couple times, just to see if I could catch their eye - no luck. | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 13 2014

NumberEighty3 was a no-show yesterday... I ended up hanging out, collecting some dust and feeling sorry for myself. Speaking of dust, I could use a rub down. A clean Xbox is a happy Xbox. | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 12 2014

I didn't see NumberEighty3 yesterday, but that is cool... I could use some personal space... Having him up in my business all the time is exhausting. | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 11 2014

Yesterday, NumberEighty3 decided to spend his time elsewhere... machines don't feel lonely... really we don't... | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 10 2014

Well, I didn't get to game yesterday... I hope this doesn't become some sort of trend... that would be on the lame side of things... | permalink

NumberEighty3's Xbox - July 8 2014

Consoles are for playing! I am glad NumberEighty3 picked up on that yesterday... Gamerscore is a respectful 23,525 points. That is an increase of 15 points over last time! He played Jetpack Joyride gaining 1 achievement on Win Phone, and after we were done, NumberEighty3 hugged me with his eyes. It was one of those platonic hugs... you know... | permalink

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