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  1. dacoto Says... 1/10/2015 9:03:30 AM PST

    Title: LOLNFL It's still a fix.
    Winner's Reward: Bragging rights!

    Duration: 5 days
    Code: 1M89JNO7
    Send this URL to friends so they can join:

  2. dacoto Says... 1/5/2015 6:12:53 AM PST

    Running a 3-day to start weds. Going to get us back on track for the weekly.

    Title: LOLNFL Just tell us who the Super Bowl winner is, since it's fixed.
    Winner's Reward: Bragging rights!

    Duration: 3 days
    Code: UAE57BHH
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  3. Fshguy Says... 12/30/2014 1:30:08 PM PST

    Recreating the year long challenges on Gamertagnation.com... It's a work in progress, but got some of the fundamentals set up.

    See here... work in progress, please join:


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