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  1. dacoto Says... 4/19/2014 6:41:38 AM PST

    Title: LOLNHL 3OT game one?

    Winner's Reward: Bragging rights!
    Duration: 5 days
    Code: 59W4JY9E

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  2. Hotdogmcgee Says... 4/14/2014 5:16:14 PM PST

    Is it Wednesday yet??

  3. Buckswana Says... 4/14/2014 8:08:01 AM PST

    Monday morning, pretty burnt out but at least it's with good reason. Black Sabbath show was awesome. Was a perfect night for it (Sunday the 13th and raining). Ozzy was on (funny how as soon as he steps on stage you can understand him), Tony looked like the cat that caught the mouse all night, and Geezer was great. Shame Bill Ward wasn't there, but I'm amazed at how good the other guys can still pull it off, considering their ages too. Sound was amazing, solid light show, all around fantastic concert.

    Gaming wise this weekend, I spent most of Saturday grinding out the new DLC for Forza 5. Nothing hard, just a little time consuming. With that done, I finally started up Tomb Raider (XB1), which is pretty cool so far.

    That's it for now, have a good one!

  4. Hotdogmcgee Says... 4/13/2014 10:21:56 PM PST

    Got it up late, but got it up as promised. Our latest Member of the Moment features dacoto

    Head on over and give it a read.

  5. dacoto Says... 4/13/2014 3:26:33 PM PST

    The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena has been completed. That is all.

  6. Hotdogmcgee Says... 4/13/2014 9:03:03 AM PST

    New MotM going up later today.

    Next week I'll be streaming Trials on twitch. No set times, but it will be evenings after I get home from work and get the kids settled. Should be between 5-10 pm Pacific. Make sure to follow or favorite me so you'll be able to quickly see when I'm broadcasting. http://www.twitch.tv/hdmcgee

  7. dacoto Says... 4/12/2014 9:25:15 AM PST

    Title: LOLNHL Playoffs baby!
    Winner's Reward: Bragging rights!

    Duration: 5 days
    Code: 46V2I7Y3
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  8. Buckswana Says... 4/11/2014 6:27:00 AM PST

    End of another week. Weather is supposed to be nice and relatively warm this weekend (before it drops to near freezing again Tuesday...). Be nice to get some windows open and relax outside a little.

    Finished up a few games this week;
    First was Rise of the Guardians, which was a nice change of pace. No guide needed, collectibles on the in game map, top down RPG beat-em up that was pretty fun and easy.

    Next up was the new episode of Wolf Among Us. I really like this game, although this episode felt a little lacking for whatever reason. Looking forward to see how it plays out.

    Finally, I completed both of the new Hexic (WP/Win8) games yesterday. I really enjoyed it/them, certainly much more than the first one. The different game types were fun, and I didn't have to make any black pearls, lol. Most of the achievements don't sync, but at least the level completion does, so you don't need to do all 100 levels on both platforms. You can bounce back and forth from one to the other, and just redo the levels needed for specific achievements. Also gave me a new highest TA ratio achievement, which I'm sure will drop quickly. ;)

    Weekend plans pretty much revolve around seeing Black Sabbath on Sunday. Saw them once before in the 80's with Gillan singing (from Deep Purple), but first time with Ozzy. Too bad BIll Ward isn't drumming, but should be a good show anyway.

    Have a good one!

  9. Hotdogmcgee Says... 4/9/2014 7:01:04 PM PST

    Trials Fusion comes out next week. Anyone have any idea if the Season Pass for 360 (if there is one) carries over to the Xbone? Like the launch titles did with season passes...

  10. Buckswana Says... 4/7/2014 11:46:10 AM PST

    Still no blog yet, but figure I'll post the weekend update anyway. ;)

    Not much really, with Ben 10: The Rise Of Hex taking up most of my gaming time. Finished it up yesterday, completing the 3 hour run and another full playthrough for the time attack. I was dreading the 3 hrs part, since I felt like I was really slow through some of the levels, but luckily it popped after just replaying one of the ones I knew I was slowest on. The game didn't seem as bad once I had the collectibles done; I think part of my hate for it was having to try to do levels quickly, while getting collectibles at the same time.

    Filled in some of my breaks from Ben 10 with Hexic (WP/Win8). I would just play the WP one until I ran out of lives, then switch over to Win8 and keep going. Up to level 75, so getting there.

    Started up Rise of the Guardians last night for my next game. Figure it should be relatively quick and easy, and no guide required which is nice. Hopefully get it knocked out and then probably start up Tomb Raider next, since I have both versions still to play through.

    Have a good one!

  11. Hotdogmcgee Says... 4/6/2014 11:15:48 AM PST

    Since I posted at 3 am, figure it's worth a repost.

    The 100-ish Lowest TA Challenge- Recap, Review, and Part 2 - The "108"

  12. Hotdogmcgee Says... 4/6/2014 3:26:18 AM PST

    The 100-ish Lowest TA Challenge- Recap, Review, and Part 2 - The "108"


  13. Hotdogmcgee Says... 4/5/2014 11:44:51 PM PST

    Just completed the "101". Review/recap coming tomorrow or so, new 100-ish list to be created soon.

  14. dacoto Says... 4/5/2014 11:36:31 AM PST

    Title: LOLUnknown Message Not Found

    Winner's Reward: Bragging rights!
    Duration: 5 days
    Code: D6YAL6R8

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  15. Buckswana Says... 4/4/2014 6:25:40 AM PST

    Friday, time for the end of week blog! Not too much this week, and crappy games at that.

    Finished up Smurfs 2, which was pretty quick and easy. If you decide to play this gem, be sure to take Dacoto's advice and turn down the music to save yourself some sanity. 2 playthroughs required, but you can just blast through quickly the first run, then grab all the coins after you've unlocked all of the characters.

    Started up Ben 10: The Rise of Hex (XBLA) last night, and it's pretty bad. No music, just a poor game. It should only take about 6-8 hrs, but that might get stretched over a few days unless I can force myself to just gut it out at some point this weekend and get it done. Doesn't seem overly hard, just boring platforming/puzzles/enemies and a lot of repetition.

    Got a little farther in Hexic (WP), but having it crash right when you're about to complete a level you've failed multiple times can get a little annoying. Was updated yesterday and hasn't crashed since, so hopefully that's fixed. Looks like the daily rewards are working now too, so maybe you can earn powerups and boosts now. May fire up the Win8 version this weekend just to get the stupid facebook achievements out of the way.

    That's it for now, have a good one!

  16. Buckswana Says... 3/31/2014 8:17:22 AM PST

    Good Morning, Vietnam!! Monday, Monday...another day, another dollar.

    Quick gaming recap of the weekend;
    Not too much this time around. Ran thought the first 2 episodes of Walking Dead: Season 2, which was pretty good. Finished up PvZ (WP), which was fantastic and I should have played long ago. Next WP game is Hexic, which should be ok, and console-wise started up Smurfs 2. Got about 1/2 done my first run through, shouldn't take too long.

    That's it, have a good one!

  17. Hotdogmcgee Says... 3/29/2014 6:04:19 PM PST

    Only 2 games now left to do. This has actually been a fun and worthwhile challenge. The goal is to be completed before April 16 and the release of Trials Fusion, as that will be taking up most of my time once it is out.

    When I finish this up, I plan to do two things. First, a mini review of the games I used in this challenge. Second, creating the next 100-ish list. As I've neared completion, I've been looking forward to doing it again. In preparation, I made sure to play and unlock an achievement in anything I still owned with a zero score. I found a couple games I forgot about, and I've picked up a couple new ones since this began.

    To see the full list, head over here

  18. dacoto Says... 3/29/2014 10:45:03 AM PST

    Title: LOLNFL Rise of the Sanchez
    Winner's Reward: Bragging rights!

    Duration: 5 days
    Code: SEOQB2G4
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  19. Buckswana Says... 3/28/2014 6:25:39 AM PST

    It's Friday, so time for another end of the week blog. Dreary, rainy day outside, but it's better than snow! Supposed to be warmer this weekend, so hopefully that with the rain will wash some stuff away.

    Not too much going on this week, but managed to finish up a couple more games last night;
    Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (XB1) was first, a very nice looking sequel to Max & The Magic Marker. I used a text guide for the collectibles, and then figured the rest out for myself (not that any puzzles are very difficult...). Wasn't very hard, and was a nice change of pace.

    WSOP: Full House Pro (XBLA) had more DLC released, so I recompleted that after finishing up Max. Didn't take too long, just banging out the new challenges and playing a MP game for the one achievement.

    Still working away at PvZ (WP) when I can, almsot done. Finally got the i, Zombie achievement last night, so just need to run through adventure mode again to kill 2 Gargantuans in one level (can only be done in 5-8). About 30 levels to go....

    That's it! Company coming over tomorrow for the day/night, so not sure what kind of game time I'll have this weekend. Not really sure what to play next after Max either, guess I'll just see how I feel after work tonight. Have a good one!

  20. Fshguy Says... 3/25/2014 9:31:50 AM PST

    I guess the deal is ongoing, but Xbox One with Titanfall, $449 at Walmart...

  21. Buckswana Says... 3/24/2014 7:54:28 AM PST

    Monday, back to it. Had a decent gaming weekend, in limited time.

    Started off by playing through LocoCycle (XB1). A pretty mediocre game for Twisted Pixel, it felt like they spent more time on the live action stuff than they did the actual gameplay. Quick and easy, only about a 5hr completion.

    After finishing that up Saturday morning, I followed it up with the XBLA version of LocoCycle. Same game, same achievements, just a little quicker since everything was still fresh and I skipped all of the cut scenes.

    Followed that up by finishing Mirror's Edge (WP). Had put it off for quite a while, expecting the timed runs to be really tough. It really wasn't too bad though, with only a couple of levels providing any real challenge. A decent side scrolling runner, well worth the sale price.

    Finally, I completed Rayman Fiesta Run (Win8) with my Sunday morning coffee. Same as the WP version, even has the same glitched (in your favor) achievements.

    So in the end, completed a game on each platform (XB1, 360, WP, Win8), and had a stacking theme for the weekend (2x LocoCycle, stacked Rayman and ..."Mirror"'s Edge... see what I did there?).

    Started up Max: Curse of Brotherhood (XB1) last night, the Max & Magic Marker sequel. Good graphics, should be a fun little game.

    Another weekend in the books, (passed Fshguy's TA score), let's try to get though another week, and see you on the other side! Have a good one!

  22. Hotdogmcgee Says... 3/23/2014 2:30:19 PM PST

    Puzzle by Nikoli X is back on the Win8 marketplace. This game offers a 1-day trial free, and right now you can unlock the achievements in the trial version. Not sure how long that will last before they patch it, but it only takes 60-90ish minutes to get it done, so jump on it while you can.

  23. dacoto Says... 3/22/2014 7:23:15 AM PST

    Title: LOLJETS How about that QB?
    Winner's Reward: Bragging rights!

    Duration: 5 days
    Code: L7V2JRYJ
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  24. Buckswana Says... 3/21/2014 6:39:10 AM PST

    Friday, Friday, FRIDAY!! Weather's getting warmer, we'll just try to forget about the 6 inches of snow coming tomorrow.... ;).

    Finished up Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 last night. Just had the Vader fight left on Unleashed difficulty, which wasn't too hard. Started the Endor DLC after that, but didn't expect to get it done last night after failing twice to finish it without dying - once because of a single hit kill from a generator (even on easy...?), and another time lag caused me to fall to my death. 3rd time I blasted through it in 20 minutes flat, then beat it on Unleashed in about an hour for the completion. I enjoyed it overall, even with it being a little short and having the occasional lag issues (usually causing death). Graphics were decent, and it was fun. Now I need to decide what to play next - the shelf can be a little daunting at times. Maybe Bioshock...?

    Other completion this week was FIFA 14 (WP). Game is free ($4.99 to unlock everything, but not needed for the achievements). Only took about 1/2hr to get everything done except the 100 games played, which I just ran when I could at work or while watching tv. Just set on touch controls and let it play itself in 2 minute halves. It's actually really good for a soccer game on the phone, and probably well worth the $ for the unlock if you're going to keep playing it.

    With that done, I started up Mirror's Edge (WP) yesterday, which I finally picked up on sale. Decent side scrolling/runner game, shouldn't be too bad other than the speed runs. Nice that you can download ghosts from the leaderboards to run against if you're having trouble.

    Stopped playing MS Bingo for the time being until they fix the achievement they broke with the last update (Jet Setter - Use 200 Powerups). Still waiting on the fix for the MS Minesweeper (WP) game to finish that one up as well.

    Jamming tomorrow, maybe doing some recording. Nothing else really planned for the weekend, will play it by ear as usual.

    Have a good one!

  25. Hotdogmcgee Says... 3/17/2014 7:02:48 PM PST

    The 101 update.

    Now there's much more green than red, and 2/3rds of the list is done

    You can see the whole list here

    This whole idea has turned out quite fun. Some of these games I did enjoy (Left 4 Dead), some I really didn't (Dragon's Lair, Forza 5). The good thing is, before picking up any of these games again I did have some pleasant anticipation about how each experience would be. I do plan to follow this list up with another 100-ish, and to change up the list a little I'm making sure to bean dive the few remaining arcade and retail games I've yet to start. The next list will have some new entries with extremely low ratios, but will also start to push into the 1.2-1.3 range. While still relatively easy, those will take a little more time to achieve.

    Looking at what I have left, it will likely take me 2-3 weeks to complete the first list. I might take a small break to play out anything that I really enjoyed, and of course Trials Fusion will drop next month. All in all, it has definitely worked to bring me out of the recent gaming funk I've been in recently.

  26. Buckswana Says... 3/17/2014 1:25:42 PM PST

    Finally started up Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 on the weekend, after seeing Hotdog playing it for his 100 achievement challenge. Been in a bit of a funk for what to play, and remembered enjoying the first one a lot, so thought it was time to finally give it a go. Finished up my first playthrough along with all of the misc. achievements and collectibles last night. Now just have the Unleashed difficulty, Endor DLC and challenges left. I think I've got 4/10 challenges done already, including the first saber one, so not too bad.

    Other stuff done last week/weekend;
    Completed The Dark Knight Rises (WP). One of the better WP games I've played, it actually runs quite well, good graphics and decent controls. One or two small glitches, but nothing game breaking and overall a pretty good game. Only drag was the almost 10hrs of grinding required to level up once you're already done the story and everything else. Fly over there, then fly over there, then beat up Bane, repeat. About 100 times...

    Completed The Bridge (XBLA). Pretty neat little game, was nice and relaxing for the most part. Easy with video guides, but fun to try to figure out on your own.

    Started up Rayman Fiesta Run (Win8). Same as the WP version I just finished, shouldn't take long. Did about 1/2 of it, left the rest for later. ;)

    That's it, have a good one!

  27. Hotdogmcgee Says... 3/16/2014 3:14:26 PM PST

    QuiCkz Ninja is our Newest Member of the Moment. The interview has been posted here.

    If you want to be the next Member of the Moment, send your clicker over here.

  28. dacoto Says... 3/15/2014 9:56:57 AM PST

    Title: LOLToddy Hobbs has registered!
    Winner's Reward: Bragging rights!

    Duration: 5 days
    Code: 3SR2EH79
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  29. Hotdogmcgee Says... 3/14/2014 9:26:28 PM PST

    8 days into the "101" and 56 achievements knocked out already.

  30. dacoto Says... 3/12/2014 3:38:08 PM PST

    In addition to what futiles had to say, be sure to stop by belainfi to say 'Onnittelut laiskuri!' to him on hitting 100k.

  31. Hotdogmcgee Says... 3/11/2014 6:26:05 PM PST

    My blog loves to say I played Taptiles, although I haven't loaded that game up in about a month now.

    Tried out the twitch app, and I'm actually impressed. I may have to use that once in awhile, and it seems like it might be good for some community game nights here at 360v.


    Someone had already registered my gamertag as a user id, but this is a nice and short way to watch me when I'm broadcasting.

  32. Hotdogmcgee Says... 3/10/2014 5:32:52 PM PST

    16 more down, 59 to go. Most of the really quick/easy ones are done:

    Congratulations, you won the following Achievements from your ToDo list:

    The Recluse in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock for 23 points
    The Siren in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock for 23 points
    Monster Hunter in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for 21 points
    Getting an Upgrade in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for 16 points
    Cow Tipper in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for 15 points
    Hot Topic in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for 16 points
    Time to Mine! in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for 10 points
    Benchmarking in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for 10 points
    Acquire Hardware in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for 16 points
    Time to Farm! in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for 11 points
    Time to Strike! in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for 11 points
    MOAR Tools in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for 16 points
    Year One in Little Acorns (WP) for 12 points
    Sparkle Motion in Little Acorns (WP) for 10 points
    Lack of Faith in Angry Birds Star Wars (WP) for 11 points
    The Birds Will Be With You in Angry Birds Star Wars (WP) for 11 points

    that clears up the WP and W8 games. I think Force Unleashed II will be next. One of the ones on my list is to complete the game, so I should be sitting down with that one for most of the week.

  33. Hotdogmcgee Says... 3/9/2014 9:24:17 AM PST

    Only 3 days in to the 100-ish easy achievement challenge ("The 101") and 26 have been earned. Started by cleaning up WP and W8 games, as well as knocked out the few in Lego LotR on the list. Played through the last 2 campaign chapter in L4D and got a few off the list as well as a bunch of others.

    Also finally finished up Gears: Judgment last night. After several attempts at All Aboard (survive all 10 Survival waves on Hardcore w/5 Soldiers), we finally hit a groove and completed wave 10 without even losing the 2nd E-Hole. Thanks to Ichya, Dacoto, Buckswana, and Dr Mondo for the assist.

    For the upcoming week in the 101, I think I'll start Star Wars II before I do another Lego game. I enjoyed the Lego games more before they created the hub world. Just let me go level to level without wandering around a giant are to find each level.

    Sometime next weekend we should have a new Member of the Moment going up. If you want a shot at 2-ish weeks of fame, fill out the app here: http://360voice.gamerdna.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=26944

  34. dacoto Says... 3/8/2014 9:18:28 AM PST

    Title: LOLNHL Almost done
    Winner's Reward: Bragging rights!

    Duration: 5 days
    Code: CN5Z12P8
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  35. Hotdogmcgee Says... 3/7/2014 5:08:05 PM PST

    1st day on the 100ish easy achievement quest, knocked out Mercury Hg and MLB Bobblehead. Mercury might get some more play later on, but MLB will be chilling on the bench until something in it shows up for the next 100ish.

    Charged up the old WP7, got some games there and on the tablet to work on in between Lego games. Some of these achievements will be quick (WP & W8), some will take awhile (Lego & Star Wars II), and some will require me to finish other stuff before going back to them (DR3 leveling up). All in all, it should be an interesting run and has given me something to look forward to each night instead of just scrolling through my games library and not playing anything.

    To find out what I'm talking about, or to follow my progress, click here:

  36. Buckswana Says... 3/7/2014 10:04:16 AM PST

    End of another week, felt like a long one. Been in a bit of a funk lately, gaming and otherwise. Blame it on the winter blahs and stupid workload lately. Just need to get myself going again, hopefully the warmer weather this weekend will help a bit.

    Didn't really get up to too much gaming this week, but here it is anyway. ;) Finished up Real Steel with some MP help from Hotdog; pretty easy with spamming tech moves, and didn't take too long. Got a little more time in MS Bingo, up to lvl 36 now. Still haven't popped the 200 powerups used achievement which is weird, but maybe it'll come later. Got a little more done in Gears: Judgement with some help as well, just need to get the Hardcore w/5 soldiers done and hope they get around to updating events again since I only need 2 more (hasn't been a new one in over a month... :/).

    Working a double shift today, so probably not up to much tonight. No plans for the weekend, just going to play it by ear, take it as it comes.

    Have a good one!

  37. Hotdogmcgee Says... 3/6/2014 6:51:02 PM PST

    So, I've felt a little limited in the amount of fun games I have to play lately. Looking to do something different, I decided to check through the lowest TA ratios for achievements I've not yet earned in games I've played. The list was quite heavy on some games, but the common theme was a lot of games I started, or mini-bean dived, and never went back to. As such, I decided to make a list of the 100 achievements with the lowest TA ratio I've yet to earn in games I still own.

    Hopefully I'll remember to make regular updates for those that care. Head over here to see the list:


  38. Buckswana Says... 3/3/2014 11:25:34 AM PST

    Happy Monday, hope everyone had a good weekend. No complaints here, finally able to start using my hand a little more now that I don't have to keep it covered/wrapped.

    Got some decent game time in over the weekend. Finally took care of the Gold uni/weapons achievement in Gears:Judgement; thanks to Hotdog, Dacoto, Ichya and DrMondo for the help. They gave me a quick hand finishing up my Survival achievement beforehand, and we also managed to get one of the 2 hardest achievements done, surviving at the first E-Hole on Ward. Had a go at the other one after (beating Terminal with 5 soldiers), and were starting wave 10 with a great run when the connection failed at 3am. Funny how that never happens right when you start working on something, only when you're almost done, lol. Oh well, another time.

    Popped a few more achievements in MS Bingo, up to level 32 now. Surprised I haven't gotten the achievement for using 200 power ups, since I use a few per game and got my achievement for playing 100 games. Still have a ways to go, so hopefully it'll come.

    Knocked out the Ryse DLC, which was actually quite easy. Survival on Dockyards is a great place to level up, with no arrows or siege machines to worry about, just kill and keep a combo. Last game I played I had a 450+ combo and over 450k score which jumped me 9 levels.

    Got Hotdog's 100 wins done in Real steel, and about 1/2 of mine. Got the Underground area done in SP, so about 1/2 way there overall. Should be able to finish it up this week.

    That's it for now, have a good one!

  39. Hotdogmcgee Says... 3/3/2014 8:35:59 AM PST

    For those that might have missed it yesterday, pTartTx is out newest Member of the Moment.


    If you'd like to meet recent and future MotMs, be sure to sign up for Achievement Fest 2014. www.achievementfest.com

  40. Hotdogmcgee Says... 3/2/2014 3:02:15 PM PST

    Newest Member of the Moment has been released. If you know your *, head on over and check it out!!


  41. Hotdogmcgee Says... 3/2/2014 1:57:44 PM PST

    Please share with your watchers too.

    Applications for Member of the Moment are now open to the public. To check it out, and to apply, head over here: http://360voice.gamerdna.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=26944

    This is a community feature, and needs the community support. You probably have seen someone on the site that you'd like to know more about, so pass it on.

  42. dacoto Says... 3/1/2014 6:52:16 AM PST

    Title: LOLTODDY Tandaring out
    Winner's Reward: Bragging rights!

    Duration: 5 days
    Code: 5XW4J5Z2
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  43. Buckswana Says... 2/28/2014 6:20:38 AM PST

    Friday blog time, end of the week, yadda yadda yadda. ;) Hand's doing well, stitches finally fell out yesterday, starting to be able to grip stuff again. Should be able to start pushing it more by next week.

    Not too much new gaming wise. Started up The Dark Knight (WP), which seems decent. Good graphics, but lags a little now and then and drains the battery like mad. Also started up Real Steel (360) with Hotdog, picked it up on a previous sale and finally getting to it. Grinding away at MS Bingo (Win8) a little each night, up to level 26 now. They've actually updated some of the features, including being able to gift coins and keys to friends once a day (at no expense to you), and fixing the problem with resolution settings screwing up Power Bingo. Made a little more progress in Powerstar Golf (XB1), almost done with the 3rd tier all gold now. Should (hopefully) get the one month achievement in MS Minesweeper (Win8) today, then I can just boot up once a month and take care of the medals for another 10 months...

    Nothing really planned for the weekend, other than relaxing and getting some game time in. Working on Real Steel, Gears: Judgement, Bingo, Golf, and a few other random things. New Ryse (XB1) DLC is out, so may take a "stab" at the Survival mode too if anyone is interested.

    Have a good one!

  44. Buckswana Says... 2/24/2014 7:13:42 AM PST

    Back to work today, was fun while it lasted. Had a good weekend, what with company Friday and some good game time. Finished up a few games, and started a couple of others.

    Completed the following;
    The Wolf Among Us - really enjoying this one, looking forward to the next chapter. The childhood fables are awesome.
    Fishdom 3 SE (Win8) - basically a Bejeweled clone with fish. Didn't seem like as much of a grind as I had heard, just played a few hours each day while I was off.
    Telltale Games' Poker Night 2 - enjoyed the characters in it, overall was pretty quick and easy.
    World Series of Poker: Full House Pro - reacquired the completion after the latest update. The new DLC achievements are easy, just takes a few days for the events.

    With Fishdom done, started up the Microsoft Bingo game for something else to play on the Surface. Doesn't look quick, but nice for a weekend morning with coffee. Also fired up Real Steel last night and knocked out a few of the MP achievements with Hotdog. Seems like it should be failry quick/easy completion.

    Still playing Powerstar Golf (XB1), really enjoying it. Almost done with the first 2 areas, but now the stuff starts getting much tougher. ;)

    Have a good one!

  45. Buckswana Says... 2/23/2014 6:46:36 AM PST

    Booyah! Double gold for Canada in hockey! That was worth getting up at 7am on a Sunday. 8)

  46. dacoto Says... 2/22/2014 10:35:16 AM PST

    Title: LOLYMPICS No medal for you
    Winner's Reward: Bragging rights!

    Duration: 5 days
    Code: 3RQ2DH7Y
    Send this URL to friends so they can join:

  47. AxGryndr Says... 2/21/2014 1:16:16 PM PST

    I haven't posted a comment in a while because I am retarded and I decided to let my manager make me a manager. Open paper it sounded great. More money to be in charge of a team of people that basically run themselves. WELLLLL...then they charged our responsibilities. I get nothing done in a day. My stress level has never been higher. I am salary so all of the overtime counts for nothing. Basically by time I am done working I really don't want to do anything else.

    I have been just playing enough to keep my streaks and not a whole lot else. I purchased OXM Demo Disc 98 with Dash for Destruction - if anyone has the game I only need the online achievement. I am going to get the DLC for ME3 so that I can finish that game.

    I am feeling destructive today and I need a release so I might go shoot at some targets or break somethings. With that here are some lyrics for the day.

    "Its just one of those days
    When you don't wanna wake up
    Everything is [effed]*
    Everybody sux
    You don't really know why
    But you want justify
    Rippin' someone's head off"
    Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit

    * - Got to be appropriate even when I dont want to

  48. Buckswana Says... 2/21/2014 7:26:31 AM PST

    End of the week, must be a blog from Buck! Hand is slowly coming along, a little less pain, a little more mobility. Getting there, going to be awhile.

    Started a couple of new games; Powerstar Golf (XB1) and PvZ (WP). Golf is really good, but my putting is horrible. Will take some getting used to and may not be able to complete it, but a lot of fun regardless. PvZ I should have played ages ago, but just never got to it. Great game.

    Friend coming over for the hockey game today at noon, should be a good one. End of the women's game yesterday was epic (if you're Canadian ).

    Have a good one!

  49. Hotdogmcgee Says... 2/19/2014 5:39:42 PM PST

    New Member of the Moment has been posted, head to the forums to check it out:


    After you're done, head over to SG Steelhead's blog to congratulate him, or watch him, or send him a friend request.

  50. Hotdogmcgee Says... 2/18/2014 10:32:42 PM PST

    Late comment, so expect to see it again tomorrow. New Member of the Moment has been posted, head to the forums to check it out:


    After you're done, head over to SG Steelhead's blog to congratulate him, or watch him, or send him a friend request.

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