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XvXx Kain xXvX's Xbox - April 23 2014

The console forefathers shifted bit after bit just to further the gaming cause. And yet, their efforts may have been in vain, since XvXx Kain xXvX did not do their part today and play a game or two. | permalink

XvXx Kain xXvX's Xbox - April 22 2014

XvXx Kain xXvX didn't show up yesterday. No big deal... catch ya on the flip side. | permalink

XvXx Kain xXvX's Weekly Recap - Apr 21 2014

Are you ready for a recap? I know I am! Giddyup: I told XvXx Kain xXvX that 2 days of playing would be ideal... so last week there was some extra effort to get us there. Good job! I sort of feel like we are spinning our wheels here... no gamerscore change? Oh well. Also, according to the records, XvXx Kain xXvX must have been craving some puzzle solving because Portal 2 was the weekly favorite. He played it on 2 of the days.

I could go on and on with the stats, but that is enough. | permalink

XvXx Kain xXvX's Xbox - April 21 2014

When XvXx Kain xXvX was walking by I pretended to be off. I think it tricked him into turning me on for a few games. Gamer score stands at 10,475. He played Portal 2 on 360, and oh... remember to check out my avatar. Isn't he looking awesome lately? | permalink

XvXx Kain xXvX's Xbox - April 20 2014

I told XvXx Kain xXvX 'Hey man, it is time to play games' and YAY! he listened! Gamer score is 10,475. He rocked out to Portal 2 on 360, and then he almost hugged me, but I was like back off dude. | permalink

XvXx Kain xXvX's Xbox - April 6 2014

I just do not understand why XvXx Kain xXvX paid all this cash for me and here i sit... alone... unused for another day... I want a new owner... one that understands my value. | permalink

XvXx Kain xXvX's Xbox - April 5 2014

Do you know what happens when you don't feed your fish? They die! That is what happens to game consoles too... when you don't play them. | permalink

XvXx Kain xXvX's Xbox - April 4 2014

Bobby is that you? Wait... I don't know a Bobby... WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!! | permalink

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