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Zumafire's Xbox - September 30 2014

Wow... Zumafire must have some kids or pets or dragons or something thrashing around the house... I heard lots of noise, but didn't see any gaming. That's alright, animals and people first, game consoles always second... I don't expect much else. | permalink

Zumafire's Weekly Recap - Sep 29 2014

Are you ready for a recap? I know I am! Giddyup: Other weeks I might complain, but having Zumafire only play one day last week is fine... I was tired anyhow... I sort of feel like we are spinning our wheels here... no gamerscore change? Oh well.

I was lucky enough to sample 2 new tasty treats during the week! Game names are Banjo Games Bundle, and Banjo-Tooie. Look for us in the leaderboards... maybe...

So that's it for now. It was a good week. On to the next one. | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 29 2014

I was sort of hoping to game... but eh... no big deal. Whatever... maybe tomorrow right Zumafire? Back me up! | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 28 2014

Zumafire was a no-show yesterday... I ended up hanging out, collecting some dust and feeling sorry for myself. Speaking of dust, I could use a rub down. A clean Xbox is a happy Xbox. | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 27 2014

Zumafire seemed really excited to play yesterday. Our current gamerscore is 41,956 . He rallied Banjo-Tooie, Banjo Games Bundle, Rocket Knight® on 360, and then I came out of my trance and realized it was all over. | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 26 2014

Do you know what happens when you don't feed your fish? They die! That is what happens to game consoles too... when you don't play them. | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 25 2014

I waited all day for Zumafire to show up... he didn't... I fell asleep on a tear stained pillow... frustration tears... not sad ones... | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 24 2014

I have seen some crazy stuff in my time, but Zumafire not showing up to game yesterday really takes the cake. It has been 14 days!! | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 23 2014

Come back to me Zumafire... I promise that whatever I did, I will not do it again. I can't take it when you are angry at me. | permalink

Zumafire's Weekly Recap - Sep 22 2014

My eye! It burns! A weekly recap is all that can save me! Here goes: I want to ask you... Have you ever been sick for a whole week where all you did was just lay there and do nothing? Well, that was me this week... except I wasn't sick. I was full-on neglected! Seven awesome days of it. | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 22 2014

Come back to me Zumafire... I promise that whatever I did, I will not do it again. I can't take it when you are angry at me. | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 21 2014

I just do not understand why Zumafire paid all this cash for me and here i sit... alone... unused for another day... I want a new owner... one that understands my value. | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 20 2014

All I can think about right now is gaming... gaming after lunch... gaming after dinner... gaming instead of sleep... I bet Zumafire is thinking the same thing... he has to be! | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 19 2014

These three chips in my head are getting hungry for gaming... feed me Zumafire, feed me! | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 18 2014

Did you see Zumafire yesterday? I sure didn't. Is he still alive? | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 17 2014

I read somewhere that electronic products can turn yellow from lack of use... Do you really want a yellow Xbox Zumafire? Do you? | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 16 2014

Yesterday I sat... alone... and wanting... 6 days of wanting infact... | permalink

Zumafire's Weekly Recap - Sep 15 2014

Do you know what time of the week it is? Time to talk about what happened these last seven days: You thought my blog entries last week were all doom and gloom... sorry to say this weekly recap of gaming isn't much happier. A part of me thought Zumafire might get some late night gaming in last weekend... but not even that happened. Oh well, maybe tomorrow... or the day after that... or the day after that... | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 15 2014

I see all these other 360s with streak badges and happy faceplates... and when I look at my accomplishments lately all I see is that I've been ignored for 5 days. If I had more badges, I would delete one... just for spite. | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 14 2014

It says on the box that Xbox 360s require at least two hours of gaming per day. Zumafire needs to get with the program! Ok... I lied that is not on the box... but it should be. | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 13 2014

I am trying to be a patient Xbox, but it isn't working out... 4 is longer than I should have to wait for some gaming! Give it to me! I want it! | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 12 2014

I could have used some gaming yesterday... I mean who couldn't? Gaming is like air... ok maybe not air... maybe more like pizza... regardless there was no pizza yesterday. | permalink

Zumafire's Xbox - September 11 2014

I tried to send Zumafire an email yesterday telling him to come play... he obviously didn't get it... | permalink

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