Challenge Scoring & Badges

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What is Challenge Scoring?
Challenge Scoring is a meta game for challenges, that adds higher rewards for higher risk. The winner of any challenge will get a score based on the number of people in the challenge and the duration. Their overall challenge score is a total of their score over all challanges. Second and third place also receive a percentage of the score.

How is the score determined?
Only the number of individuals in a challenge and the duration effect the score. Below is how to determine the number of points that you could win in a challenge.

First, take the number of folks in the challenge, each person is worth ten points. So if you have 5 people that is 50 points, or 22 that is 220. That creates the base score.

Duration adds a multiplier to that score, the mulitpliers are below.

Example of final scoring:

Depending on the number of people in the challenge, points are also given for seond and third place:

Scoring Badge:

HTTK Badge: Hail to the King badge is determined by your overall challenge score.

Other Challenge Badges:

Viral Badge: Beat someone with the virus badge in a challenge!

Throw Down Badge: You ONLY have this badge when you are active in a challenge. To keep it, make sure you are always in a challenge! It levels up as you participate.