Challenge Winner

B8TINGU Total Gain: 945

Challenge: Auto Challenge - #29344

Winner's reward: Bragging Rights!

Challenge Creator: www360voicecom
Duration: 5/13/2009 - 5/18/2009 (5 days)

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Participants: 5

Rank Tile Gamertag Starting score End Score Point Gain
1 B8TINGU 17,469 18,414
2 Konador 17,484 18,194
3 toszcze pl 17,490 17,520
4 Digital Clown 17,485 17,495
5 PrarieD0G 17,401 17,401

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Challenge update - 5/18/2009

The Gamerscore Challenge titled Auto Challenge - #29344 has come to a close, and a special congratulations goes out to the big winner, B8TINGU who snatched away the lead from Konador at the last moment. A total gain of 945 points was achieved... in 5 days no less!

All 5 participants combined on the final day, they put up a total gain of 785 points. B8TINGU added 605, and Konador added 180. Yay for the winner and thanks to the other 4 gamers for giving it a shot.

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Challenge update - 5/17/2009

Oh no! Today was big fun! I see numbers! Konador gave up the social life to get the lead and amazingly enough, didn't gain any score. When you count it up, all 5 challengers gained 190 points. and B8TINGU added 190. The obvious superstar from yesterday is B8TINGU. With that big of a gain, who knows what could happen next.

Only one day left to gain points. Check back tomorrow for the big winner!

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Challenge update - 5/16/2009

Oh no! Today was big fun! I see numbers! Konador is the current favorite and is confident enough to turn in zero new points. All 5 participants combined, they put up a total gain of 75 points. B8TINGU added 35, toszcze pl added 30, and Digital Clown added 10. So in the 'Biggest gain' category, B8TINGU is obviously the winner... I would be looking over your shoulder if I was Konador...

Everyone can take comfort in the fact that there are 2 days left to compete. It ain't over till it's over! That is all for today, check back tomorrow for more challenge action!

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Challenge update - 5/15/2009

Yesterday saw some furious gamerscore action. Here's the recap. Konador is out in front for the time being by gaining 290 points. When you count it up, all 5 challengers gained 375 points. Konador added 290, and B8TINGU added 85. There are still 3 days left so anything can happen. Check back tomorrow for some hard-hitting challenge action!

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Challenge update - 5/14/2009

Another day, another long list of achievement points. Let's add it all up! Konador is in the lead by feeding on enough achievements for 240 points. Overall, the 5 total challengers put up a total of 270 points, so at least people are competing! Konador added 240, and B8TINGU added 30. There are still 4 days left so anything can happen. The excitement continues tomorrow!

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Challenge update - 5/13/2009

Let's get this party started! The Gamerscore Challenge known as 'Auto Challenge - #29344' is in action with 5 people duking it out. Look for a variety of games to be played. Every achievement counts! Experience is going to pay off for someone in the end. We'll follow this challenge closely.

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