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Most played: Grand Theft Auto V
Member since: Feb 5 2012
Grand Theft Auto V NHL® 12 Trials Evolution DIG DUG Geometry Wars Evolved²
Grand Theft Auto V

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ANGRYMOBJUSTICE's xbox has been ignored for 45 days and refuses to blog until the drive spins again.

ANGRYMOBJUSTICE's Xbox - December 5 2014

Microsoft should have built me with tears... so I can cry when ANGRYMOBJUSTICE leaves me cold... and alone... | permalink | leave comment

ANGRYMOBJUSTICE's Xbox - December 4 2014

ANGRYMOBJUSTICE... I beg you! Please don't make me hurt another day... please? | permalink | leave comment

ANGRYMOBJUSTICE's Xbox - December 3 2014

It has been far too long since I felt the sweet spin of a game in my drive. ANGRYMOBJUSTICE is the only one that can give me what I need! | permalink | leave comment

ANGRYMOBJUSTICE's Xbox - December 2 2014

I'm really starting to empathize with Marvin from Hitchiker's Guide... Here I am with a processor the size of a planet and all ANGRYMOBJUSTICE does is use me as a paperweight. Life... don't talk to me about life. | permalink | leave comment

ANGRYMOBJUSTICE's Weekly Recap - Dec 1 2014

My eye! It burns! A weekly recap is all that can save me! Here goes: This is normally the highlight of my week because I can reminisce about all the different games I served up... Unless, of course, there were no games played at all... kinda like last week. I feel like such a tool. | permalink | leave comment

ANGRYMOBJUSTICE's Xbox - December 1 2014

I waited all day for ANGRYMOBJUSTICE to show up... he didn't... I fell asleep on a tear stained pillow... frustration tears... not sad ones... | permalink | leave comment

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