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GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 18 2014

GhosteofSpecter decided to play yesterday. Check out the 31,689 gamer score! He rocked out to Grand Theft Auto V, Walking Dead: Season 2, BioShock Infinite on 360, and after we were done, GhosteofSpecter hugged me with his eyes. It was one of those platonic hugs... you know... | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 17 2014

GhosteofSpecter held the Xbox button on his controller down for a few seconds and our adventure began! A gamer score of 31,689 is lighting the way. That is a gain of 25 points over last time! He opened up BioShock Infinite winning 1 achievement on 360, and it's a good thing he stopped there, otherwise the concentrated awesomeness could have blown out my circuits. | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 16 2014

3 Processors, 512MB of RAM, custom graphics chip and multichannel surround sound all gone to waste yesterday as GhosteofSpecter decided not to show up. | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 15 2014

I could have used some gaming yesterday... I mean who couldn't? Gaming is like air... ok maybe not air... maybe more like pizza... regardless there was no pizza yesterday. | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Weekly Recap - Apr 14 2014

This entry is a little different than the others. It is a recap of the last week of gaming. Check it: 5 days of gaming made me pretty happy for some reason. A big holler to GhosteofSpecter for honoring me with what little time I know is available. We added 165 points of gamerscore. Good stuff! Who knew 12 achievements could be worth that much? Ok I knew that... Oh, and I want to mention that GhosteofSpecter's favorite game last week was an RPG... Skyrim in fact... He played it on 2 of the days.

That's all for now... keep reading the blog! Send us a PM or a game invite if you are lonely. | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 14 2014

Consoles are for playing! I am glad GhosteofSpecter picked up on that yesterday... Gamerscore is a respectful 31,664 points. He rallied Grand Theft Auto V, BioShock Infinite, Skyrim on 360, and did it while drooling over my awesome graphics and sound. | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 13 2014

I tried to send GhosteofSpecter an email yesterday telling him to come play... he obviously didn't get it... | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 12 2014

Yesterday was a triumph! I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction with GhosteofSpecter. Data indicates that gamerscore stands at an always improving 31,664. He opened up Grand Theft Auto V on 360, as well as stared off into space... thinking about the one that got away. | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 11 2014

GhosteofSpecter hit the switch and fired me up yesterday... his total gamer score is 31,664.He rallied Skyrim on 360, and... hmmm... maybe that was all... it felt like we played more games. | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 10 2014

GhosteofSpecter brought the pain yesterday... the good kind... the gaming kind. We are up to 31,664 points of gamerscore. Jealous? That is a gain of 165 points over last time! He played BioShock Infinite picking up an amazing 12 achievements on 360, and then I basked in the warm glow of post gaming. Mmmm warm... | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 9 2014

GhosteofSpecter decided to game yesterday and we rocked out like the three musketeers, except there were only two of us... 31,499 points of total gamerscore and counting... He rallied Hitman: Absolutionâ„¢ on 360, and then the lightweight went to bed. Freakin' wuss. | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 8 2014

I was a sad Xbox 360 yesterday... GhosteofSpecter never showed up to game. That makes 5 days! | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 7 2014

It has been 4 days and I have had plenty of time to 'find myself'. The only thing I've gotten out of that though is I'm finding myself bored. If any of your faithful readers see GhosteofSpecter out there walking around, send him my way please? Thanks... | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 7 2014

Hey GhosteofSpecter, check this out: !sdrawkcab epyt ot flesym thguat i ,emit eerf siht lla htiw... ok not really, that took an hour to figure out... | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Weekly Recap - Apr 7 2014

My eye! It burns! A weekly recap is all that can save me! Here goes: Other weeks I might complain, but having GhosteofSpecter only play one day last week is fine... I was tired anyhow... I was sort of hoping for a gamerscore bump, but that didn't materialize.

I could go on and on with the stats, but that is enough. | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 6 2014

GhosteofSpecter had the funny 'non-gaming' look in his eyes yesterday so I just kept to myself... | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 5 2014

No games yesterday... maybe today... or tomorrow... or wait... are we playing right now? I get so confused! | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 4 2014

GhosteofSpecter was nowhere to be seen yesterday... maybe he needs some new games or something... get some motivation up in this place... | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 3 2014

Don't worry... I'll wait... you can't game every day. | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 2 2014

GhosteofSpecter decided to ride the gamer-train yesterday. I will admit it... I was happy. What is the gamer score? 31,499 is what it is! He rocked out to BioShock Infinite on 360, and oh... remember to check out my avatar. Isn't he looking awesome lately? | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - April 1 2014

I didn't see GhosteofSpecter yesterday, but that is cool... I could use some personal space... Having him up in my business all the time is exhausting. | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Weekly Recap - Mar 31 2014

It is that time of the week. I got your weekly recap right here: I told GhosteofSpecter that 4 days of playing would be ideal... so last week there was some extra effort to get us there. Good job! Our gamerscore jumped 205 points which was nice. Getting 14 achievements has that effect. Also, I think we can all agree that GhosteofSpecter's favorite game last week was BioShock Infinite. He played it on 4 of the days.

So that's it. Thanks for reading. PM us for a game or something. We get lonely. | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - March 31 2014

GhosteofSpecter was looking kind of weepy... luckily I was here to 'console' him... heh heh get it? Our gamerscore is fan-frickin-tastic 31,499 . That is a gain of 40 points over last time! He opened up BioShock Infinite acquiring 3 achievements on 360, and after that powered me down without even saying good night. I mean what the heck? | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - March 30 2014

While GhosteofSpecter was away yesterday, I was sitting here alone counting up all the achievement points he was missing out on! If you don't play me, you can't increase your score. Remember that! | permalink

GhosteofSpecter's Xbox - March 29 2014

GhosteofSpecter had the funny 'non-gaming' look in his eyes yesterday so I just kept to myself... | permalink

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