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GizDX's Xbox - August 27 2014

I have now endured 12 days of pure torture... that is what this is... this non-game playing... someone call the police. | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 26 2014

GizDX... I beg you! Please don't make me hurt another day... please? | permalink

GizDX's Weekly Recap - Aug 25 2014

This entry is a little different than the others. It is a recap of the last week of gaming. Check it: In the beginning... there was nothing. In the end, well, there is nothing... and right in the middle of that... there was ABSOLUTELY nothing which made for a really, really, long week. Let's all hope next week is better. | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 25 2014

gaming no Today was there. scrambled feel I up all. happening What's me to?!?! | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 24 2014

I am trying to be a patient Xbox, but it isn't working out... 9 is longer than I should have to wait for some gaming! Give it to me! I want it! | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 23 2014

I was a sad Xbox 360 yesterday... GizDX never showed up to game. That makes 8 days! | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 22 2014

If GizDX doesn't play me tomorrow, I have this sinking feeling something really bad will happen... like a meteorite obliterates all life on earth and the EMP takes all electronic devices with it. | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 21 2014

6 days without gaming is no cause for alarm... well... yes it is... I hope GizDX doesn't let me down tomorrow... I might get desperate and do something rash! | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 20 2014

I heard someone tell GizDX to go outside and play... I mean really... he just walked right out the door! I was left alone, to contemplate where our relationship is going wrong. | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 19 2014

4 days without gaming is no cause for alarm... well... yes it is... I hope GizDX doesn't let me down tomorrow... I might get desperate and do something rash! | permalink

GizDX's Weekly Recap - Aug 18 2014

Another week, another recap... and you love me for it: I have to say I hate weeks like this... GizDX played a single day... one... I feel like I am getting fat with all this sitting around. We added 100 points of gamerscore. Good stuff!

And that's it... short and sweet, just like my power cord. | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 18 2014

Yesterday was one of those times GizDX mistook the TV remote for the controller. I mean, come on! They don't even look REMOTELY alike! HA! Ok sorry... | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 17 2014

No games yesterday... maybe today... or tomorrow... or wait... are we playing right now? I get so confused! | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 16 2014

The console forefathers shifted bit after bit just to further the gaming cause. And yet, their efforts may have been in vain, since GizDX did not do their part today and play a game or two. | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 15 2014

GizDX had the funny 'non-gaming' look in his eyes yesterday so I just kept to myself... | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 14 2014

My brain is hurting... I don't remember playing any games with GizDX but there is hard proof! Remember that thing called gamerscore? It was 76,125 but now it is 100 which means that somehow 100 points were added without me knowing! that is freaky... just plain freaky. | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 13 2014

What... are you off reading a book or something? Come play games!! | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 12 2014

Another day, another opportunity wasted to play games... Maybe tomorrow GizDX? Maybe? Don't leave me hanging dude! | permalink

GizDX's Weekly Recap - Aug 11 2014

Someone ask for a weekly recap? Even if you didn't, here it is: GizDX played 2 days last week... pretty solid I guess... I'm not feeling that picky lately. We added 115 points of gamerscore. Good stuff!

I could go on and on with the stats, but that is enough. | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 11 2014

I was sort of hoping to game... but eh... no big deal. Whatever... maybe tomorrow right GizDX? Back me up! | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 10 2014

GizDX didn't show up yesterday. No big deal... catch ya on the flip side. | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 9 2014

Don't worry... I'll wait... you can't game every day. | permalink

GizDX's Xbox - August 8 2014

I was thinking back over yesterday and I really don't remember GizDX and I playing any games... but our gamerscore ended up at 76,025 which is 100 points higher than before. I don't like it when I forget things. I guess we played though... I hope it was fun! | permalink

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