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KingAntny's Xbox - July 29 2014

When you get right down to it, when KingAntny decides to play - it's a good day all around. Our score is 41,874 and always improving! He opened up FIFA 14 on 360, and yeah... wow... my processor hurts... | permalink

KingAntny's Weekly Recap - Jul 28 2014

It is that time of the week. I got your weekly recap right here: 6 days of gaming made me pretty happy for some reason. A big holler to KingAntny for honoring me with what little time I know is available. We came close to a few gamerscore opportunities, but nothing really panned out. Also, according to the records, KingAntny must have been craving sports because FIFA 14 was the weekly favorite. He played it on 6 of the days.

That's all for now... keep reading the blog! Send us a PM or a game invite if you are lonely. | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 28 2014

Like I always tell KingAntny, gaming is like money... the more the better! So fill up my pockets baby! All that matters is that our gamerscore is 41,874 points and on the rise. He rocked out to COD: Black Ops II, FIFA 14 on 360, and after we were done, KingAntny hugged me with his eyes. It was one of those platonic hugs... you know... | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 27 2014

I was sort of hoping to game... but eh... no big deal. Whatever... maybe tomorrow right KingAntny? Back me up! | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 26 2014

I thought KingAntny just wanted to listen to music or watch a DVD. Turns out he was there to game. With a gamer score of 41,874, I should have known that was the case. He rallied COD: Black Ops II on 360, and then I needed a nap. Don't judge me! It's a lot of work pushing all those pixels. | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 25 2014

KingAntny showed up yesterday ready to dominate. Total gamer score stands at 41,874. He played COD: Black Ops II on 360, and... hmmm... I forget what else we did... | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 24 2014

When you want to get on the cover of the gaming magazines, you have to play every day! I keep telling KingAntny that as motivation... yesterday it worked! We went for a spin... played some games... ended with a score of 41,874. He opened up FIFA 14, COD: Black Ops II on 360, and then... oh wait... no and then!! | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 23 2014

I thought maybe the power was out yesterday... imagine my surprise when KingAntny hit the switches! Gamerscore stands at 41,874. He played FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25 on 360, and then he had to stop because we both couldn't take it anymore... we were spent. | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 22 2014

I told KingAntny 'Hey man, it is time to play games' and YAY! he listened! Gamer score is 41,874. He rallied FIFA 14 on 360, and then I basked in the warm glow of post gaming. Mmmm warm... | permalink

KingAntny's Weekly Recap - Jul 21 2014

Watch closely because here comes the recap... if you aren't paying attention, you might miss it: I told KingAntny that 6 days of playing would be ideal... so last week there was some extra effort to get us there. Good job! We added 30 points of gamerscore. Points are good! Those 2 achievements were worth it I guess! Oh, and I want to mention that KingAntny's favorite game last week was a sports title... FIFA 14 in fact... He played it on 6 of the days.

So that's it. Thanks for reading. PM us for a game or something. We get lonely. | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 21 2014

We played games yesterday... No really... I have proof! KingAntny might have told you otherwise, but we really did. 41,874 points of total gamerscore means we are teh awes0me! He opened up FIFA 14 on 360, and I thought KingAntny injured himself in the process... but I was wrong... he lives to fight another day! | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 20 2014

Pick it, pack it fire it up, come along, lets get KingAntny's gaming on! Gamer score is 41,874. He played FIFA 14 on 360, and then KingAntny had to stop for a bathroom break or something... Humans really are bags of mostly water. | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 19 2014

KingAntny, there are 86,400 seconds in a day and you couldn't find a few to spend with me? Lame. | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 18 2014

I saw KingAntny walk by yesterday morning... I was hoping he would come play and he did. 41,874 points and climbing. He opened up FIFA 14 on 360, and then the lightweight went to bed. Freakin' wuss. | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 17 2014

My power supply almost exploded! KingAntny turned on the juice and we did some serious gaming! 41,874 points of total gamerscore is pretty good. Admit it. That is a gain of 25 points over last time! He rallied FIFA 14 picking up 1 achievement on 360, and then I came out of my trance and realized it was all over. | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 16 2014

Consoles are for playing! I am glad KingAntny picked up on that yesterday... Gamerscore is a respectful 41,849 points. That is a profit of 5 points over last time! He played COD: Black Ops II, FIFA 14 gaining 1 achievement on 360, and before I even realized it, he was finished and I was sad. | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 15 2014

I didn't think I would see him yesterday, but KingAntny was back and ready for action. Total gamer score is 41,844 points. He rocked out to FIFA 14 on 360, and... hmmm... maybe that was all... it felt like we played more games. | permalink

KingAntny's Weekly Recap - Jul 14 2014

It is hard to believe another week has passed. Here is the recap: If KingAntny plays 2 days every week, I guess I can call this a good deal. Many Xboxes have it a lot worse. I was sort of hoping for a gamerscore bump, but that didn't materialize. Also, I think we can all agree that KingAntny was a sports junkie last week playing a ton of FIFA 14. He played it on 2 of the days.

And that's it... short and sweet, just like my power cord. | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 14 2014

I dream of electric sheep... ok just kidding that was Blade Runner. That has nothing to do with gaming. | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 13 2014

When someone makes a mistake there is typically some kind of gift involved... Maybe I can get a new faceplate out of the missed day of gaming yesterday... It is totally like KingAntny to do something like that. | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 12 2014

KingAntny decided to game yesterday and we rocked out like the three musketeers, except there were only two of us... 41,844 points of total gamerscore and counting... He played FIFA 14 on 360, and oh... don't tell KingAntny this, but I have been getting in a little video chat in the off-hours. Booyah! | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 11 2014

No games yesterday... maybe today... or tomorrow... or wait... are we playing right now? I get so confused! | permalink

KingAntny's Xbox - July 10 2014

KingAntny decided to ride the gamer-train yesterday. I will admit it... I was happy. What is the gamer score? 41,844 is what it is! He played FIFA 14 on 360, and it's a good thing he stopped there, otherwise the concentrated awesomeness could have blown out my circuits. | permalink

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