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Mr Achievement's Xbox - November 23 2014

What is with guys and the whole 'going out with friends' thing? Hey Mr Achievement, you try partying with this massive power supply permanently strapped to your rear. | permalink | leave comment

Mr Achievement's Xbox - November 22 2014

If someone had looked yesterday, when it was dark, they would've seen my lonely self sitting, waiting for Mr Achievement. I even blinked the controller lights a couple times, just to see if I could catch their eye - no luck. | permalink | leave comment

Mr Achievement's Xbox - November 21 2014

I read online that someone called me all 'emo' for complaining about Mr Achievement in my blog... what is with everyone and their labels? And in other news, no gaming yesterday... in case you were wondering... | permalink | leave comment

Mr Achievement's Xbox - November 20 2014

Yesterday, Mr Achievement decided to spend his time elsewhere... machines don't feel lonely... really we don't...

It is probably better that Mr Achievement didn't play yesterday... it gives BoZack an opportunity to add to that 273,843 gamerscore and increase the lead... Booooo! | permalink | leave comment

Mr Achievement's Xbox - November 19 2014

I prefer to play games... but if Mr Achievement needs a short break I can respect that... don't get lazy though... I'll be waiting right here! | permalink | leave comment

Mr Achievement's Xbox - November 18 2014

While Mr Achievement was away yesterday, I was sitting here alone counting up all the achievement points he was missing out on! If you don't play me, you can't increase your score. Remember that! | permalink | leave comment

Mr Achievement's Weekly Recap - Nov 17 2014

Another week, another recap... and you love me for it: It isn't going to be much of a surprise if you have been reading the blog. There has been no gaming... none... zilch... nothing... If you want to see a sad Xbox... just stare into my eye and witness the sorrow. | permalink | leave comment

Mr Achievement's Xbox - November 17 2014

Mr Achievement must have a life, because he didn't game yesterday... | permalink | leave comment

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