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MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 19 2014

MrMxyzptlk123 had the funny 'non-gaming' look in his eyes yesterday so I just kept to myself... | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Weekly Recap - Aug 18 2014

Someone ask for a weekly recap? Even if you didn't, here it is: If MrMxyzptlk123 plays 2 days every week, I guess I can call this a good deal. Many Xboxes have it a lot worse. We added 15 points of gamerscore. Points are good! That 1 achievement was worth it I guess!

Another week finished... staring down the barrel of another one. Check back to find out what happens! | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 18 2014

MrMxyzptlk123 is awesome! Just plain radical even... I say that because we played some games. Did you know our gamerscore is 26,064? He played Minecraft on 360, and before I even realized it, he was finished and I was sad. | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 17 2014

MrMxyzptlk123 must have a life, because he didn't game yesterday... | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 16 2014

There are people out there who think video games are violent. But after MrMxyzptlk123 played yesterday with his gamerscore of 26,064 points, there wasn't any violence at all. A little drooling maybe but definitely no violence. That is a profit of 15 points over last time! He rocked out to Chronicles of Mystara, The Force Unleashed picking up 1 achievement, TRANSFORMERS: FoC on 360, and after we were done, MrMxyzptlk123 hugged me with his eyes. It was one of those platonic hugs... you know... | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 15 2014

Yesterday, MrMxyzptlk123 decided to spend his time elsewhere... machines don't feel lonely... really we don't... | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 14 2014

Another day, another opportunity wasted to play games... Maybe tomorrow MrMxyzptlk123? Maybe? Don't leave me hanging dude! | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 13 2014

When someone makes a mistake there is typically some kind of gift involved... Maybe I can get a new faceplate out of the missed day of gaming yesterday... It is totally like MrMxyzptlk123 to do something like that. | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 12 2014

MrMxyzptlk123, there are 86,400 seconds in a day and you couldn't find a few to spend with me? Lame. | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Weekly Recap - Aug 11 2014

Are you ready for a recap? I know I am! Giddyup: So yeah... Last week MrMxyzptlk123 showed up 2 days total and logged some serious gaming. We came close to a few gamerscore opportunities, but nothing really panned out.

And that is the news for now... Check back next week... same bat time, same bat channel... | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 11 2014

MrMxyzptlk123 was looking kind of weepy... luckily I was here to 'console' him... heh heh get it? Our gamerscore is fan-frickin-tastic 26,049 . He opened up TRANSFORMERS: FoC on 360, and think of all the things we learned! Ha... look at me still typing this blog entry when there is gaming to do! Let's keep it up MrMxyzptlk123! | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 10 2014

Good thing I have access to MrMxyzptlk123's entire MP3 collection streamed off his computer. It keeps me busy on days like yesterday when he never shows up to game. | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 9 2014

Like I always tell MrMxyzptlk123, gaming is like money... the more the better! So fill up my pockets baby! All that matters is that our gamerscore is 26,049 points and on the rise. He played Minecraft on 360, and then MrMxyzptlk123 had to stop for a bathroom break or something... Humans really are bags of mostly water. | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 8 2014

Fear me MrMxyzptlk123... for I am coming to force you into gaming. You think I am kidding? You just wait... | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 7 2014

A bunch of us Xboxes held a candlelight vigil last night called 'Bring Back the Gaming' to protest the blatant ignoring of Xbox 360s everywhere. We had lots of consoles participate... It was a good time... I made some friends... | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 6 2014

I am trying to be a patient Xbox, but it isn't working out... 10 is longer than I should have to wait for some gaming! Give it to me! I want it! | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 5 2014

Yesterday I sat... alone... and wanting... 9 days of wanting infact... | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Weekly Recap - Aug 4 2014

Another week, another recap... and you love me for it: In the beginning... there was nothing. In the end, well, there is nothing... and right in the middle of that... there was ABSOLUTELY nothing which made for a really, really, long week. Let's all hope next week is better. | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 4 2014

Time sure doesn't fly when MrMxyzptlk123 blows you off for a day and doesn't game. | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 3 2014

It has been 7 days and I have had plenty of time to 'find myself'. The only thing I've gotten out of that though is I'm finding myself bored. If any of your faithful readers see MrMxyzptlk123 out there walking around, send him my way please? Thanks... | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 2 2014

Well yesterday was pretty boring... the lack of gaming heavily contributed to that... I am trying to keep a positive outlook on this, but after 6 days of neglect any normal console starts to lose it... | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - August 1 2014

I read online that someone called me all 'emo' for complaining about MrMxyzptlk123 in my blog... what is with everyone and their labels? And in other news, no gaming yesterday... in case you were wondering... | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - July 31 2014

MrMxyzptlk123 didn't play any games yesterday... big loser... | permalink

MrMxyzptlk123's Xbox - July 30 2014

Well, I didn't get to game yesterday... I hope this doesn't become some sort of trend... that would be on the lame side of things... | permalink

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