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Nightmedic's Weekly Recap - Jan 12 2015

Someone ask for a weekly recap? Even if you didn't, here it is: I wish I had something good to blog about, but I don't. In my fantasy world Nightmedic and I played all these great games and got all this gamerscore... but that didn't happen. Not a single day of gaming took place last week. Maybe next week! | permalink | leave comment

Nightmedic's Xbox - January 12 2015

Another day, another opportunity wasted to play games... Maybe tomorrow Nightmedic? Maybe? Don't leave me hanging dude! | permalink | leave comment

Nightmedic's Xbox - January 11 2015

If Nightmedic was a true gamer, he would have played yesterday, but he decided to do something else instead. he better not have another console... | permalink | leave comment

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