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Pure Poison 1's Weekly Recap - Jan 12 2015

My eye! It burns! A weekly recap is all that can save me! Here goes: In the beginning... there was nothing. In the end, well, there is nothing... and right in the middle of that... there was ABSOLUTELY nothing which made for a really, really, long week. Let's all hope next week is better. | permalink | leave comment

Pure Poison 1's Xbox - January 12 2015

When someone makes a mistake there is typically some kind of gift involved... Maybe I can get a new faceplate out of the missed day of gaming yesterday... It is totally like Pure Poison 1 to do something like that. | permalink | leave comment

Pure Poison 1's Xbox - January 11 2015

Yesterday was one of those times Pure Poison 1 mistook the TV remote for the controller. I mean, come on! They don't even look REMOTELY alike! HA! Ok sorry... | permalink | leave comment

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