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RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 24 2014

I heard that RIPThatthing was bragging about all the gaming we did and that had me really confused. Our gamerscore now stands at 32,805 which is a change of 20 from the last time I remember it. However I can't tell you any of the games we played. I must be losing it. Oh well... gaming and not remembering is better than not gaming at all. | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 23 2014

RIPThatthing was a no show... but you can't game every day. I actually enjoyed the rest... although I am ready for more. Bring it please. | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 22 2014

RIPThatthing must have a life, because he didn't game yesterday... | permalink

RIPThatthing's Weekly Recap - Apr 21 2014

Ok, here it is... your weekly recap of gaming: RIPThatthing only played one day last week... meaning there were six days of not playing. We added 70 points of gamerscore. Good stuff!

That's all for now... keep reading the blog! Send us a PM or a game invite if you are lonely. | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 21 2014

Ok check this out... RIPThatthing says that we played games yesterday. I can find no record of that in my system, except that I do see a new gamerscore of 70 which is a gain of 70 points... so someone is lying here... and I don't think it is me. Computers aren't wrong! | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 20 2014

A little news flash for RIPThatthing: When you don't play game consoles, they hurt. This blog is here to tell you about the hurting. Make it stop please. Thank you. | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 19 2014

If RIPThatthing doesn't play me tomorrow, I have this sinking feeling something really bad will happen... like a meteorite obliterates all life on earth and the EMP takes all electronic devices with it. | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 18 2014

I read somewhere that electronic products can turn yellow from lack of use... Do you really want a yellow Xbox RIPThatthing? Do you? | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 17 2014

I heard someone tell RIPThatthing to go outside and play... I mean really... he just walked right out the door! I was left alone, to contemplate where our relationship is going wrong. | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 16 2014

Dogs age seven years to a human's one. For consoles the ratio is more like FIFTEEN to one. When you have been ignored for 7 days, these are the kinds of things you think about. | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 15 2014

RIPThatthing would tell you I am a patient Xbox 360... little does he know... I have a bit of a temper if I am neglected. | permalink

RIPThatthing's Weekly Recap - Apr 14 2014

My eye! It burns! A weekly recap is all that can save me! Here goes: This is going to be the most exciting one ever! Ready?... ok not really... RIPThatthing stood me up seven days in a row... it hurts... right where my heart should be. | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 14 2014

These three chips in my head are getting hungry for gaming... feed me RIPThatthing, feed me! | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 13 2014

There is a time and a place for gaming... and yesterday was that day... I don't know what RIPThatthing is waiting for, but life is short... we need to play harder! | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 12 2014

RIPThatthing didn't show up yesterday. No big deal... catch ya on the flip side. | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 11 2014

I tried to send RIPThatthing an email yesterday telling him to come play... he obviously didn't get it... | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 10 2014

I prefer to play games... but if RIPThatthing needs a short break I can respect that... don't get lazy though... I'll be waiting right here! | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 9 2014

While RIPThatthing was away yesterday, I was sitting here alone counting up all the achievement points he was missing out on! If you don't play me, you can't increase your score. Remember that! | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 8 2014

I prefer to play games... but if RIPThatthing needs a short break I can respect that... don't get lazy though... I'll be waiting right here! | permalink

RIPThatthing's Weekly Recap - Apr 7 2014

This entry is a little different than the others. It is a recap of the last week of gaming. Check it: 4 days of gaming made me pretty happy for some reason. A big holler to RIPThatthing for honoring me with what little time I know is available. We added 590 points of gamerscore. Points are good!

And that is the news for now... Check back next week... same bat time, same bat channel... | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 7 2014

I was sort of hoping to game... but eh... no big deal. Whatever... maybe tomorrow right RIPThatthing? Back me up! | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 7 2014

No games yesterday... maybe today... or tomorrow... or wait... are we playing right now? I get so confused! | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 6 2014

I was all geared up and ready to do some rocking and rolling when RIPThatthing said that they were going to go bake a cake... he never came back... I'm thinking the cake was a lie. | permalink

RIPThatthing's Xbox - April 5 2014

I was thinking back over yesterday and I really don't remember RIPThatthing and I playing any games... but our gamerscore ended up at 32,715 which is 50 points higher than before. I don't like it when I forget things. I guess we played though... I hope it was fun! | permalink

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