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RobsZombies' Xbox - July 30 2014

I was a sad Xbox 360 yesterday... RobsZombies never showed up to game. That makes 8 days! | permalink

RobsZombies' Xbox - July 29 2014

Yesterday was the day I was finally going to share all my secret achievement earning strategies with RobsZombies, but he must not care... Us consoles have a short memory... I can't promise anything the next time I see him. | permalink

RobsZombies' Weekly Recap - Jul 28 2014

Do you know what time of the week it is? Time to talk about what happened these last seven days: I wish I had something good to blog about, but I don't. In my fantasy world RobsZombies and I played all these great games and got all this gamerscore... but that didn't happen. Not a single day of gaming took place last week. Maybe next week! | permalink

RobsZombies' Xbox - July 28 2014

All I can think about right now is gaming... gaming after lunch... gaming after dinner... gaming instead of sleep... I bet RobsZombies is thinking the same thing... he has to be! | permalink

RobsZombies' Xbox - July 27 2014

If someone had looked yesterday, when it was dark, they would've seen my lonely self sitting, waiting for RobsZombies. I even blinked the controller lights a couple times, just to see if I could catch their eye - no luck. | permalink

RobsZombies' Xbox - July 26 2014

I was waiting for RobsZombies to show up yesterday and hang out, but he didn't. You know some day RobsZombies is really going to need me, and maybe I won't be there, then he will see how it feels. | permalink

RobsZombies' Xbox - July 25 2014

There is a time and a place for gaming... and yesterday was that day... I don't know what RobsZombies is waiting for, but life is short... we need to play harder! | permalink

RobsZombies' Xbox - July 24 2014

RobsZombies must have a life, because he didn't game yesterday... | permalink

RobsZombies' Xbox - July 23 2014

I didn't see RobsZombies yesterday, but that is cool... I could use some personal space... Having him up in my business all the time is exhausting. | permalink

RobsZombies' Xbox - July 22 2014

Yesterday, RobsZombies decided to spend his time elsewhere... machines don't feel lonely... really we don't... | permalink

RobsZombies' Weekly Recap - Jul 21 2014

It is hard to believe another week has passed. Here is the recap: I want to ask you... Have you ever been sick for a whole week where all you did was just lay there and do nothing? Well, that was me this week... except I wasn't sick. I was full-on neglected! Seven awesome days of it. | permalink

RobsZombies' Xbox - July 21 2014

I was all ready to write in my blog about how great of a time I had playing with RobsZombies yesterday, but then my plans changed when I was ignored... all... freaking... day... | permalink

RobsZombies' Xbox - July 15 2014

Where is RobsZombies at? I want to disown him. I am putting myself up on eBay ASAP. | permalink

RobsZombies' Xbox - July 14 2014

It has been far too long since I felt the sweet spin of a game in my drive. RobsZombies is the only one that can give me what I need! | permalink

RobsZombies' Xbox - July 13 2014

If I was a dog, RobsZombies would never have neglected me like he did yesterday... | permalink

RobsZombies' Xbox - July 12 2014

I only have one request... If RobsZombies isn't going to game, the least he could do is turn me off so I don't feel the pain. But no... I was awake for six hours crying in my own head. | permalink

RobsZombies' Xbox - July 11 2014

I'm really starting to empathize with Marvin from Hitchiker's Guide... Here I am with a processor the size of a planet and all RobsZombies does is use me as a paperweight. Life... don't talk to me about life. | permalink

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