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Most played: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
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S McDaniels' xbox has been ignored for 33 days and refuses to blog until the drive spins again.

S McDaniels' Xbox - January 10 2015

I waited all day for S McDaniels to show up... he didn't... I fell asleep on a tear stained pillow... frustration tears... not sad ones... | permalink

S McDaniels' Xbox - January 9 2015

A little news flash for S McDaniels: When you don't play game consoles, they hurt. This blog is here to tell you about the hurting. Make it stop please. Thank you. | permalink

S McDaniels' Xbox - January 8 2015

I am starting to hear voices... they come in the dark solitude of a gameless night... like little frogs laughing at my neglect. Freakin' frogs are ticking me off. | permalink

S McDaniels' Xbox - January 7 2015

Where is S McDaniels at? I want to disown him. I am putting myself up on eBay ASAP. | permalink

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