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Seunc's Weekly Recap - Jan 12 2015

Are you ready for a recap? I know I am! Giddyup: If you are an Xbox, you might be jealous that Seunc showed up to game 5 days this last week. Happy happy joy joy! It was productive... Gamerscore went up 220 points so I am happy. Yay for 15 achievements! w00t!

In the 'new game' category, I only have one to talk about... MX vs. ATV Alive. I wasn't even going to mention it, but I figured my readers might get mad. So there it is. Also, by my expert calculations, Seunc's favorite game last week was Ms. Splosion Man. He played it on 5 of the days.

So that's it. Thanks for reading. PM us for a game or something. We get lonely. | permalink

Seunc's Xbox - January 12 2015

Seunc is awesome! Just plain radical even... I say that because we played some games. Did you know our gamerscore is 225,097? That is an increase of 115 points over last time! That was enough to cross the 225,000 mark! Good stuff! He rocked out to Aliens vs Predator gaining 3 achievements, Quake Arena Arcade winning an amazing 6 achievements on 360, and... hmmm... I forget what else we did... | permalink

Seunc's Xbox - January 11 2015

Seunc was a no-show yesterday... I ended up hanging out, collecting some dust and feeling sorry for myself. Speaking of dust, I could use a rub down. A clean Xbox is a happy Xbox. | permalink

Seunc's Xbox - January 10 2015

While Seunc was away yesterday, I was sitting here alone counting up all the achievement points he was missing out on! If you don't play me, you can't increase your score. Remember that! | permalink

Seunc's Xbox - January 9 2015

I was looking back through my notes and according to Seunc, we played some games yesterday... but that is just craziness. Sure our score is now 224,982 which is a gain of 25 points, but I can't tell you from what. Maybe next time I will remember. | permalink

Seunc's Xbox - January 8 2015

Have you ever wondered what it was like to play games with someone who has a gamerscore of 224,957? Well guess what... you will never know, and I do! Seunc is mine! All mine! No touchy! That is a boost of 25 points over last time! He played MX vs. ATV Alive picking up 2 achievements, Ms. Splosion Man acquiring 1 achievement on 360, and wished it would never end, but it did and that was sad. | permalink

Seunc's Xbox - January 7 2015

Seunc really threw down yesterday. It was good to see! I wish you could have been there! Last time I checked, his gamer score is 224,932. That is a boost of 45 points over last time! He rallied Aliens vs Predator picking up 3 achievements, 0 day Attack on Earth, Ms. Splosion Man on 360, and then nothing... nothing at all... | permalink

Seunc's Xbox - January 6 2015

Sure, Seunc and I played some games yesterday but I can't even tell you what they were... I wasn't even paying attention. Blah blah blah... games... yeah... Our score is now 224,887 which is a gain of 10 points... exciting. Next time I will try and remember what we played. | permalink

Seunc's Weekly Recap - Jan 5 2015

Another week, another recap... and you love me for it: So yeah... Last week Seunc showed up 5 days total and logged some serious gaming. We added 220 points of gamerscore. Good stuff! Who knew 1 achievement could be worth that much? Ok I knew that...

I was also pretty happy about the 2 new games this last week. They were (in no particular order) Shadow Warrior, and Stick it To The Man. I liked them. I think Seunc did too. Also, by my expert calculations, Seunc's favorite game last week was Alien: Isolation. He played it on 4 of the days.

And that's all I got. I'm not a writer... just an Xbox. | permalink

Seunc's Xbox - January 5 2015

Seunc is the best... he treats me right, I treat him right. It is a good thing we have going here. Gamer score stands at 224,877. Not too shabby! That is an increase of 40 points over last time! He rallied Stick it To The Man, Geometry Warsâ„¢ 3: Dimensions winning 2 achievements on X1, and then Seunc developed a funny twitch and went to try and sleep it off or something. Crazy humans... | permalink

Seunc's Xbox - January 4 2015

Don't worry... I'll wait... you can't game every day. | permalink

Seunc's Xbox - January 3 2015

Seunc decided to play yesterday. Check out the 224,837 gamer score! That is a boost of 110 points over last time! He rallied Alien: Isolation acquiring an amazing 8 achievements, Magic 2015 gaining 1 achievement, Shadow Warrior on X1, and laughed with joy and glee the whole time. I like making people happy. | permalink

Seunc's Xbox - January 2 2015

I was about to feel sorry for myself, until Seunc showed up and made my day with a little gaming! Our gamerscore stands at 224,727 and counting! He rallied Shadow Warrior acquiring 2 achievements, YouTube, Sunset Overdrive picking up an amazing 6 achievements, Middle-earthâ„¢: Shadow of Mordorâ„¢ acquiring 5 achievements, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood picking up 5 achievements, The Evil Within acquiring an amazing 9 achievements, Geometry Warsâ„¢ 3: Dimensions, Alien: Isolation on X1, and yeah... wow... my processor hurts... | permalink

Seunc's Xbox - January 1 2015

Uhhh... I have a question for Seunc. Our gamerscore was 224,707 but somehow it is now 20 which means that 20 points were mysteriously added!! Like magic! I suspect betrayal... and it makes me want to cry. | permalink

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