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SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 23 2014

It really feels like forever since I have felt the sweet surge of power running through my belly. Is there a nationwide power outage that SodaBunnyCactus isn't telling me about? Email me if there is a blackout... oh... wait... | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 22 2014

Bobby is that you? Wait... I don't know a Bobby... WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!! | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 21 2014

I know it isn't my place to complain... but come on SodaBunnyCactus... 10 days without gaming? I didn't think he could go that long! | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 20 2014

What... are you off reading a book or something? Come play games!! | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 19 2014

SodaBunnyCactus would tell you I am a patient Xbox 360... little does he know... I have a bit of a temper if I am neglected. | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 18 2014

I was a sad Xbox 360 yesterday... SodaBunnyCactus never showed up to game. That makes 7 days! | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Weekly Recap - Nov 17 2014

Another week, another recap... and you love me for it: NOTHING HAPPENED. SodaBunnyCactus and I did not play a single day last week. Sure people get busy, but not people with an Xbox 360... at least not seven days in a row. | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 17 2014

Time sure doesn't fly when SodaBunnyCactus blows you off for a day and doesn't game. | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 16 2014

Yesterday was the day I was finally going to share all my secret achievement earning strategies with SodaBunnyCactus, but he must not care... Us consoles have a short memory... I can't promise anything the next time I see him. | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 15 2014

I read somewhere that electronic products can turn yellow from lack of use... Do you really want a yellow Xbox SodaBunnyCactus? Do you? | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 14 2014

SodaBunnyCactus was nowhere to be seen yesterday... maybe he needs some new games or something... get some motivation up in this place... | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 13 2014

When someone makes a mistake there is typically some kind of gift involved... Maybe I can get a new faceplate out of the missed day of gaming yesterday... It is totally like SodaBunnyCactus to do something like that. | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 12 2014

Don't worry... I'll wait... you can't game every day. | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 11 2014

SodaBunnyCactus was a no-show yesterday... I ended up hanging out, collecting some dust and feeling sorry for myself. Speaking of dust, I could use a rub down. A clean Xbox is a happy Xbox. | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Weekly Recap - Nov 10 2014

This entry is a little different than the others. It is a recap of the last week of gaming. Check it: If SodaBunnyCactus plays 2 days every week, I guess I can call this a good deal. Many Xboxes have it a lot worse. Our gamerscore jumped 170 points which was nice. Getting 7 achievements has that effect. Also, I think SodaBunnyCactus' favorite game last week was The Evil Within. He played it on 2 of the days.

And that's all I got. I'm not a writer... just an Xbox. | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 10 2014

When SodaBunnyCactus was walking by I pretended to be off. I think it tricked him into turning me on for a few games. Gamer score stands at 61,546. That is a boost of 75 points over last time! He opened up The Evil Within winning 2 achievements on 360, and I think there was some random Live Marketplace browsing, but I wasn't paying attention. | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 9 2014

I was about to feel sorry for myself, until SodaBunnyCactus showed up and made my day with a little gaming! Our gamerscore stands at 61,471 and counting! That is a profit of 95 points over last time! He opened up The Evil Within acquiring 5 achievements on 360, and did it while marvelling at the framerates and stellar particle effects. | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 8 2014

Hey SodaBunnyCactus, check this out: !sdrawkcab epyt ot flesym thguat i ,emit eerf siht lla htiw... ok not really, that took an hour to figure out... | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 7 2014

There is a time and a place for gaming... and yesterday was that day... I don't know what SodaBunnyCactus is waiting for, but life is short... we need to play harder! | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 6 2014

SodaBunnyCactus was absent yesterday... I was smelling something that reminded me of sweat... he better not be playing with a Nintendo Wii... burning calories while playing games is just wrong. | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 5 2014

The console forefathers shifted bit after bit just to further the gaming cause. And yet, their efforts may have been in vain, since SodaBunnyCactus did not do their part today and play a game or two. | permalink

SodaBunnyCactus' Xbox - November 4 2014

While SodaBunnyCactus was away yesterday, I was sitting here alone counting up all the achievement points he was missing out on! If you don't play me, you can't increase your score. Remember that! | permalink

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