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VIT giopep's xbox has been ignored for 44 days and refuses to blog until the drive spins again.

VIT giopep's Xbox - October 7 2014

Here I sit broken hearted... VIT giopep has somewhere departed... our relationship needs repair... I will meanwhile sit in cold despair... I know I will feel the spin again, the question now is when! | permalink

VIT giopep's Xbox - October 6 2014

I swear that after 29 days of inactivity I can feel parts of me rusting... I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!! PLEASE! SAVE YOUR CONSOLE! | permalink

VIT giopep's Xbox - October 5 2014

Come back to me VIT giopep... I promise that whatever I did, I will not do it again. I can't take it when you are angry at me. | permalink

VIT giopep's Xbox - October 4 2014

If you would have told me that VIT giopep would go 27 days without playing, I would have told you that you were crazy. I guess you were right. No games = No joy. | permalink

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