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Xx Duuuke xX's Weekly Recap - Jan 12 2015

Do you know what time of the week it is? Time to talk about what happened these last seven days: It is a good one! Xx Duuuke xX had seven days of gaming! In a row! I know! Crazy! Our gamerscore jumped 195 points which was nice. Getting 13 achievements has that effect.

There were only a few games I wanted to try this week Xx Duuuke xX and I only tried one of them: Dragon Age Inquisition. Also, I think we can all agree that Xx Duuuke xX's favorite game last week was Grand Theft Auto V. He played it on 6 of the days.

That's all for now... keep reading the blog! Send us a PM or a game invite if you are lonely. | permalink | leave comment

Xx Duuuke xX's Xbox - January 12 2015

When you want to get on the cover of the gaming magazines, you have to play every day! I keep telling Xx Duuuke xX that as motivation... yesterday it worked! We went for a spin... played some games... ended with a score of 86,225. That is a profit of 15 points over last time! He played Dragon Age Inquisition acquiring 1 achievement, Grand Theft Auto V on 360, and after we were done, Xx Duuuke xX hugged me with his eyes. It was one of those platonic hugs... you know...

Oh also, It's all over man! ALL OVER! The gamerscore challenge called 'Auto Challenge - #107616' is through after an intense 5 days. Xx Duuuke xX didn't manage to get enough points to win... we had to settle for a comfortable spot at number 5. Someone once said, 'Winning isn't everything.' Although, losing isn't anything. Xx Duuuke xX, I want you to think about this while you go sign us up for another challenge. | permalink | leave comment

Xx Duuuke xX's Xbox - January 11 2015

I told Xx Duuuke xX 'Don't make me hurt you!' and the threat worked because he decided to show up yesterday. A gamer score of 86,210 is in our back pocket. That is a gain of 90 points over last time! He rocked out to Dragon Age Inquisition acquiring an amazing 6 achievements, Grand Theft Auto V on 360, and oh... man was it ever sweet!

I always like to end with a little bit about Xx Duuuke xX and the ongoing gamerscore challenge status. Let me link you to the daily updates and trash talking. 9 other people are also involved... which is madness. Out of everyone, Xx Duuuke xX is holding on to the number 5 spot. We only have one day to pull out a win... polish off those games and get to work. | permalink | leave comment

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