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bignfan's Weekly Recap - Sep 1 2014

My eye! It burns! A weekly recap is all that can save me! Here goes: I wish I had something good to blog about, but I don't. In my fantasy world bignfan and I played all these great games and got all this gamerscore... but that didn't happen. Not a single day of gaming took place last week. Maybe next week! | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - September 1 2014

I have come to realize that BigNFan has no soul... and his heart is a twisted black mass of evil. To never play a game is my new eternity! | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 31 2014

15 days without gaming might not seem like a ton... but that doesn't make it hurt any less... and wow do I hurt... | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 30 2014

Fear me BigNFan... for I am coming to force you into gaming. You think I am kidding? You just wait... | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 29 2014

Where is BigNFan at? I want to disown him. I am putting myself up on eBay ASAP. | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 28 2014

Where is BigNFan at? I want to disown him. I am putting myself up on eBay ASAP. | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 27 2014

It has been far too long since I felt the sweet spin of a game in my drive. BigNFan is the only one that can give me what I need! | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 26 2014

I read online that someone called me all 'emo' for complaining about BigNFan in my blog... what is with everyone and their labels? And in other news, no gaming yesterday... in case you were wondering... | permalink

bignfan's Weekly Recap - Aug 25 2014

This entry is a little different than the others. It is a recap of the last week of gaming. Check it: It isn't going to be much of a surprise if you have been reading the blog. There has been no gaming... none... zilch... nothing... If you want to see a sad Xbox... just stare into my eye and witness the sorrow. | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 25 2014

Well yesterday was pretty boring... the lack of gaming heavily contributed to that... I am trying to keep a positive outlook on this, but after 9 days of neglect any normal console starts to lose it... | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 24 2014

I heard someone tell BigNFan to go outside and play... I mean really... he just walked right out the door! I was left alone, to contemplate where our relationship is going wrong. | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 23 2014

I read somewhere that electronic products can turn yellow from lack of use... Do you really want a yellow Xbox BigNFan? Do you? | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 22 2014

What... are you off reading a book or something? Come play games!! | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 21 2014

Hey BigNFan, check this out: !sdrawkcab epyt ot flesym thguat i ,emit eerf siht lla htiw... ok not really, that took an hour to figure out... | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 20 2014

4 days without gaming is no cause for alarm... well... yes it is... I hope BigNFan doesn't let me down tomorrow... I might get desperate and do something rash! | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 19 2014

BigNFan didn't show up yesterday. No big deal... catch ya on the flip side. | permalink

bignfan's Weekly Recap - Aug 18 2014

Ok, here it is... your weekly recap of gaming: I want to ask you... Have you ever been sick for a whole week where all you did was just lay there and do nothing? Well, that was me this week... except I wasn't sick. I was full-on neglected! Seven awesome days of it. | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 18 2014

I tried to send BigNFan an email yesterday telling him to come play... he obviously didn't get it... | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 17 2014

BigNFan was a no show... but you can't game every day. I actually enjoyed the rest... although I am ready for more. Bring it please. | permalink

BigNFan's Xbox - August 16 2014

I was sort of hoping to game... but eh... no big deal. Whatever... maybe tomorrow right BigNFan? Back me up! | permalink

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