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Kryptinite's Xbox - October 24 2014

Kryptinite must have a life, because he didn't game yesterday... | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 23 2014

Kryptinite decided to play yesterday. Check out the 75,910 gamer score! He rallied Media Player - Preview, Xbox Preview Dashboard, Trials Fusion on X1, and oh... don't tell Kryptinite this, but I have been dumbing down the AI lately... I am hoping it keeps him coming back for more! MUHAHAHA! | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 22 2014

I didn't think I would see him yesterday, but Kryptinite was back and ready for action. Total gamer score is 75,910 points. That is a gain of 135 points over last time! He rocked out to The Legend of Korraâ„¢ picking up an amazing 8 achievements on X1, as well as basked in the glow of the awesome dashboard software! | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 21 2014

When you get right down to it, when Kryptinite decides to play - it's a good day all around. Our score is 75,775 and always improving! He rocked out to Killer Instinct, Twitch, Trials Fusion on X1, and it's a good thing he stopped there, otherwise the concentrated awesomeness could have blown out my circuits. | permalink

Kryptinite's Weekly Recap - Oct 20 2014

It is hard to believe another week has passed. Here is the recap: If you are an Xbox, you might be jealous that Kryptinite showed up to game 4 days this last week. Happy happy joy joy! It was productive... Gamerscore went up 80 points so I am happy.

I was feeling a little bored last week and prodded Kryptinite to try a new game: . It wasn't as cool as I thought it would be. Also, according to the records, Kryptinite's favorite game last week was . He played it on 4 of the days.

And that's it... short and sweet, just like my power cord. | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 20 2014

The console forefathers shifted bit after bit just to further the gaming cause. And yet, their efforts may have been in vain, since Kryptinite did not do their part today and play a game or two. | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 19 2014

Kryptinite had to choose between watching TV and playing with me and I am happy to say I won... this time... Gamerscore is at 75,775 points. He opened up Killer Instinct, Twitch, Trials Fusion on X1, and did it while drooling over my awesome graphics and sound. | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 18 2014

Strange enough, I don't remember playing any games with Kryptinite yesterday... but our gamerscore which now stands at 75,775 did go up. That means somehow we gained 20 points. Oh well... maybe I overheated and lost my short term memory. So it goes... | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 17 2014

Kryptinite was absent yesterday... I was smelling something that reminded me of sweat... he better not be playing with a Nintendo Wii... burning calories while playing games is just wrong. | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 16 2014

I had to set aside my plans for world domination yesterday when Kryptinite decided to game. Our score is 75,755 and always improving! That is an increase of 60 points over last time! He rallied Killer Instinct gaining an amazing 6 achievements on X1, and then... oh wait... no and then!! | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 15 2014

Kryptinite is the best... he treats me right, I treat him right. It is a good thing we have going here. Gamer score stands at 75,695. Not too shabby! He rallied Netflix on X1, and laughed with joy and glee the whole time. I like making people happy. | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 14 2014

I dream of electric sheep... ok just kidding that was Blade Runner. That has nothing to do with gaming. | permalink

Kryptinite's Weekly Recap - Oct 13 2014

Are you ready for a recap? I know I am! Giddyup: 3 days of gaming made me pretty happy for some reason. A big holler to Kryptinite for honoring me with what little time I know is available. We added 50 points of gamerscore. Good stuff!

If I had a DOLLAR for every new game I played during the week, I would have 2 bucks! w00t! I can now add Plex, and Xbox Music to my collection... unless they were rentals or demos or betas. I couldn't tell. Oh, and from what I remember, Kryptinite's favorite game last week was Trials Fusion. He played it on 3 of the days.

And that's all I got. I'm not a writer... just an Xbox. | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 13 2014

Kryptinite showed up yesterday ready to dominate. Total gamer score stands at 75,695. He rocked out to Xbox Music, Netflix on X1, and without even blinking! Ok, maybe he blinked once... | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 12 2014

What time is it? Time to tell you about yesterday when Kryptinite came to play. Gamer score stands at 75,695. He rocked out to Trials Fusion on X1, and then Kryptinite developed a funny twitch and went to try and sleep it off or something. Crazy humans... | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 11 2014

No games yesterday... maybe today... or tomorrow... or wait... are we playing right now? I get so confused! | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 10 2014

Have you ever wondered what it was like to play games with someone who has a gamerscore of 75,695? Well guess what... you will never know, and I do! Kryptinite is mine! All mine! No touchy! That is a boost of 50 points over last time! He opened up Project Spark gaining an amazing 7 achievements, Trials Fusion on X1, and... hmmm... I forget what else we did... | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 8 2014

16 days without gaming might not seem like a ton... but that doesn't make it hurt any less... and wow do I hurt... | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 7 2014

Here I sit broken hearted... Kryptinite has somewhere departed... our relationship needs repair... I will meanwhile sit in cold despair... I know I will feel the spin again, the question now is when! | permalink

Kryptinite's Weekly Recap - Oct 6 2014

It is hard to believe another week has passed. Here is the recap: It isn't going to be much of a surprise if you have been reading the blog. There has been no gaming... none... zilch... nothing... If you want to see a sad Xbox... just stare into my eye and witness the sorrow. | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 6 2014

Kryptinite doesn't have much gaming to hand out these days... just plenty of NEGLECT! | permalink

Kryptinite's Xbox - October 5 2014

It has been far too long since I felt the sweet spin of a game in my drive. Kryptinite is the only one that can give me what I need! | permalink

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