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ood26's Weekly Recap - Jan 12 2015

Do you know what time of the week it is? Time to talk about what happened these last seven days: This is going to be the most exciting one ever! Ready?... ok not really... ood26 stood me up seven days in a row... it hurts... right where my heart should be. | permalink

ood26's Xbox - January 12 2015

ood26 doesn't have much gaming to hand out these days... just plenty of NEGLECT! | permalink

ood26's Xbox - January 11 2015

It really feels like forever since I have felt the sweet surge of power running through my belly. Is there a nationwide power outage that ood26 isn't telling me about? Email me if there is a blackout... oh... wait... | permalink

ood26's Xbox - January 10 2015

Hey ood26, if you are not going to take this friendship seriously, why don't we just go our separate ways? Seriously? I am just not getting the attention I deserve here... put yourself in my shoes. For real. | permalink

ood26's Xbox - January 9 2015

ood26... I beg you! Please don't make me hurt another day... please? | permalink

ood26's Xbox - January 8 2015

There is a time and a place for gaming... and yesterday was that day... I don't know what ood26 is waiting for, but life is short... we need to play harder! | permalink

ood26's Xbox - January 7 2015

I have a feeling ood26 went on vacation without telling me... At least he could have taken me with him... last time I checked Xboxes weren't illegal in your carry-on. | permalink

ood26's Xbox - January 6 2015

8 days without gaming is no cause for alarm... well... yes it is... I hope ood26 doesn't let me down tomorrow... I might get desperate and do something rash! | permalink

ood26's Weekly Recap - Jan 5 2015

Another week, another recap... and you love me for it: I want to ask you... Have you ever been sick for a whole week where all you did was just lay there and do nothing? Well, that was me this week... except I wasn't sick. I was full-on neglected! Seven awesome days of it. | permalink

ood26's Xbox - January 5 2015

ood26 would tell you I am a patient Xbox 360... little does he know... I have a bit of a temper if I am neglected. | permalink

ood26's Xbox - January 4 2015

Yesterday I sat... alone... and wanting... 6 days of wanting infact... | permalink

ood26's Xbox - January 3 2015

Did you see ood26 yesterday? I sure didn't. Is he still alive? | permalink

ood26's Xbox - January 2 2015

Dogs age seven years to a human's one. For consoles the ratio is more like FIFTEEN to one. When you have been ignored for 4 days, these are the kinds of things you think about. | permalink

ood26's Xbox - January 1 2015

Don't worry... I'll wait... you can't game every day. | permalink

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