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resiprical17's Xbox - April 20 2014

Good thing I have access to resiprical17's entire MP3 collection streamed off his computer. It keeps me busy on days like yesterday when he never shows up to game. | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 19 2014

resiprical17 was a no-show yesterday... I ended up hanging out, collecting some dust and feeling sorry for myself. Speaking of dust, I could use a rub down. A clean Xbox is a happy Xbox. | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 18 2014

I told resiprical17 'Hey man, it is time to play games' and YAY! he listened! Gamer score is 31,415. That is a gain of 5 points over last time! He rocked out to NBA 2K14 gaining 1 achievement on X1, and then... yeah... that was awesome... | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 17 2014

resiprical17 decided to ride the gamer-train yesterday. I will admit it... I was happy. What is the gamer score? 31,410 is what it is! He rallied NBA 2K10, NCAA® Basketball 09 on 360, and then I needed a nap. Don't judge me! It's a lot of work pushing all those pixels. | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 16 2014

resiprical17 held the Xbox button on his controller down for a few seconds and our adventure began! A gamer score of 31,410 is lighting the way. He rocked out to NBA 2K14 on X1, and loved every minute of it in high definition glory! | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 15 2014

resiprical17 was a no show... but you can't game every day. I actually enjoyed the rest... although I am ready for more. Bring it please. | permalink

resiprical17's Weekly Recap - Apr 14 2014

Another week, another recap... and you love me for it: I told resiprical17 that 2 days of playing would be ideal... so last week there was some extra effort to get us there. Good job! We added 5 points of gamerscore. Points are good! Also, according to the records, resiprical17 must have been craving sports because NBA 2K14 was the weekly favorite. He played it on 2 of the days.

And that's it... short and sweet, just like my power cord. | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 14 2014

resiprical17 hit the switch and fired me up yesterday... his total gamer score is 31,410.He rallied NBA 2K14 on X1, and before I even realized it, he was finished and I was sad. | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 13 2014

If resiprical17 was a true gamer, he would have played yesterday, but he decided to do something else instead. he better not have another console... | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 12 2014

I had to set aside my plans for world domination yesterday when resiprical17 decided to game. Our score is 31,410 and always improving! That is a boost of 5 points over last time! He rocked out to NBA 2K14 gaining 1 achievement on X1, and resiprical17 won't admit this, but I had to force him to stop. | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 11 2014

I am trying to be a patient Xbox, but it isn't working out... 9 is longer than I should have to wait for some gaming! Give it to me! I want it! | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 10 2014

If resiprical17 doesn't play me tomorrow, I have this sinking feeling something really bad will happen... like a meteorite obliterates all life on earth and the EMP takes all electronic devices with it. | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 9 2014

I have a feeling resiprical17 went on vacation without telling me... At least he could have taken me with him... last time I checked Xboxes weren't illegal in your carry-on. | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 8 2014

I know it isn't my place to complain... but come on resiprical17... 8 days without gaming? I didn't think he could go that long! | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 7 2014

Yesterday was the day I was finally going to share all my secret achievement earning strategies with resiprical17, but he must not care... Us consoles have a short memory... I can't promise anything the next time I see him. | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 7 2014

All I can think about right now is gaming... gaming after lunch... gaming after dinner... gaming instead of sleep... I bet resiprical17 is thinking the same thing... he has to be! | permalink

resiprical17's Weekly Recap - Apr 7 2014

This entry is a little different than the others. It is a recap of the last week of gaming. Check it: This is normally the highlight of my week because I can reminisce about all the different games I served up... Unless, of course, there were no games played at all... kinda like last week. I feel like such a tool. | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 6 2014

I read online that someone called me all 'emo' for complaining about resiprical17 in my blog... what is with everyone and their labels? And in other news, no gaming yesterday... in case you were wondering... | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 5 2014

Dogs age seven years to a human's one. For consoles the ratio is more like FIFTEEN to one. When you have been ignored for 5 days, these are the kinds of things you think about. | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 4 2014

It has been 4 days and I have had plenty of time to 'find myself'. The only thing I've gotten out of that though is I'm finding myself bored. If any of your faithful readers see resiprical17 out there walking around, send him my way please? Thanks... | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 3 2014

Yesterday was one of those times resiprical17 mistook the TV remote for the controller. I mean, come on! They don't even look REMOTELY alike! HA! Ok sorry... | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 2 2014

I prefer to play games... but if resiprical17 needs a short break I can respect that... don't get lazy though... I'll be waiting right here! | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - April 1 2014

No games yesterday... maybe today... or tomorrow... or wait... are we playing right now? I get so confused! | permalink

resiprical17's Weekly Recap - Mar 31 2014

Watch closely because here comes the recap... if you aren't paying attention, you might miss it: I told resiprical17 that 2 days of playing would be ideal... so last week there was some extra effort to get us there. Good job! No increase in gamerscore... but that really isn't important.

So that's it. Thanks for reading. PM us for a game or something. We get lonely. | permalink

resiprical17's Xbox - March 31 2014

resiprical17 was nowhere to be seen yesterday... maybe he needs some new games or something... get some motivation up in this place... | permalink

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