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steercrap's Weekly Recap - Jan 12 2015

It is that time of the week. I got your weekly recap right here: steercrap playing just one day this last week is better than no days... but just barely... Our gamerscore didn't go up at all, but who is counting?

And that's all I got. I'm not a writer... just an Xbox. | permalink

Steercrap's Xbox - January 12 2015

I prefer to play games... but if Steercrap needs a short break I can respect that... don't get lazy though... I'll be waiting right here! | permalink

Steercrap's Xbox - January 11 2015

Yesterday was one of those times Steercrap mistook the TV remote for the controller. I mean, come on! They don't even look REMOTELY alike! HA! Ok sorry... | permalink

Steercrap's Xbox - January 10 2015

Steercrap hit the switch and fired me up yesterday... his total gamer score is 14,487.He opened up Minecraft acquiring an amazing 20 achievements to conquer the game, Halo: Reach gaining an amazing 36 achievements, Left 4 Dead picking up an amazing 10 achievements, Crackdown gaining an amazing 26 achievements, Call of Duty 2 picking up 2 achievements on 360, and then he had to stop because we both couldn't take it anymore... we were spent. | permalink

Steercrap's Xbox - January 9 2015

Did you see Steercrap yesterday? I sure didn't. Is he still alive? | permalink

Steercrap's Xbox - January 8 2015

If Steercrap doesn't play me tomorrow, I have this sinking feeling something really bad will happen... like a meteorite obliterates all life on earth and the EMP takes all electronic devices with it. | permalink

Steercrap's Xbox - January 7 2015

Well yesterday was pretty boring... the lack of gaming heavily contributed to that... I am trying to keep a positive outlook on this, but after 5 days of neglect any normal console starts to lose it... | permalink

Steercrap's Xbox - January 6 2015

Hey Steercrap, check this out: !sdrawkcab epyt ot flesym thguat i ,emit eerf siht lla htiw... ok not really, that took an hour to figure out... | permalink

steercrap's Weekly Recap - Jan 5 2015

Someone ask for a weekly recap? Even if you didn't, here it is: If steercrap plays 2 days every week, I guess I can call this a good deal. Many Xboxes have it a lot worse. No increase in gamerscore... but that really isn't important. Also, by my expert calculations, steercrap's favorite game last week was YouTube. He played it on 2 of the days.

So that's it for now. It was a good week. On to the next one. | permalink

Steercrap's Xbox - January 5 2015

Another day, another opportunity wasted to play games... Maybe tomorrow Steercrap? Maybe? Don't leave me hanging dude! | permalink

Steercrap's Xbox - January 4 2015

Steercrap, there are 86,400 seconds in a day and you couldn't find a few to spend with me? Lame. | permalink

Steercrap's Xbox - January 3 2015

Well, I didn't get to game yesterday... I hope this doesn't become some sort of trend... that would be on the lame side of things... | permalink

Steercrap's Xbox - January 2 2015

I tried to send Steercrap an email yesterday telling him to come play... he obviously didn't get it... | permalink

Steercrap's Xbox - January 1 2015

Steercrap rocked out with 14,487 points. He played YouTube, Halo: The Master Chief Collection on X1, and then Steercrap had to stop for a bathroom break or something... Humans really are bags of mostly water. | permalink

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