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weedboy 09's Weekly Recap - Jan 12 2015

Someone ask for a weekly recap? Even if you didn't, here it is: So yeah... Last week weedboy 09 showed up 6 days total and logged some serious gaming. We added 125 points of gamerscore. Points are good! Those 9 achievements were worth it I guess! Also, according to the records, weedboy 09's favorite game last week was AirMech Arena. He played it on 4 of the days.

And that's it... short and sweet, just like my power cord. | permalink

weedboy 09's Xbox - January 12 2015

weedboy 09 likes to game, I like to game, this is a match made in heaven! It takes a gamer score like 162,239 to be as cool as him. That is an increase of 70 points over last time! He opened up Far Cry® 4 picking up 5 achievements on 360, and then it felt like he threw my controller and I was like, TAKE IT EASY SHEESH and we stopped. | permalink

weedboy 09's Xbox - January 11 2015

weedboy 09 showed up yesterday and we were like a superhero team together. I make a great sidekick! Gamerscore stands at 162,169. Up up and away right? He opened up Far Cry® 4 on 360, as well as stared off into space... thinking about the one that got away. | permalink

weedboy 09's Xbox - January 10 2015

weedboy 09 decided to ride the gamer-train yesterday. I will admit it... I was happy. What is the gamer score? 162,169 is what it is! He opened up AirMech Arena, Far Cry® 4 on 360, and then he almost hugged me, but I was like back off dude. | permalink

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Largest gamerscore gain: 8/31/2012 (760)
Largest weekly achievement gain: 4/16/2012 (103)
Largest weekly gamerscore gain: 9/3/2012 (2,285)


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