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Z Krack's Xbox - September 17 2014

Does anyone know if there is a number I can call to report console abuse? I think am going to turn Z Krack in for neglect. If you know the hotline, private msg it to me... thanks. | permalink

Z Krack's Xbox - September 16 2014

I have a feeling Z Krack went on vacation without telling me... At least he could have taken me with him... last time I checked Xboxes weren't illegal in your carry-on. | permalink

z krack's Weekly Recap - Sep 15 2014

Another week, another recap... and you love me for it: I wish I had something good to blog about, but I don't. In my fantasy world z krack and I played all these great games and got all this gamerscore... but that didn't happen. Not a single day of gaming took place last week. Maybe next week! | permalink

Z Krack's Xbox - September 15 2014

Time sure doesn't fly when Z Krack blows you off for a day and doesn't game. | permalink

Z Krack's Xbox - September 14 2014

Well yesterday was pretty boring... the lack of gaming heavily contributed to that... I am trying to keep a positive outlook on this, but after 9 days of neglect any normal console starts to lose it... | permalink

Z Krack's Xbox - September 13 2014

Hey Z Krack, check this out: !sdrawkcab epyt ot flesym thguat i ,emit eerf siht lla htiw... ok not really, that took an hour to figure out... | permalink

Z Krack's Xbox - September 12 2014

I was a sad Xbox 360 yesterday... Z Krack never showed up to game. That makes 7 days! | permalink

Z Krack's Xbox - September 11 2014

I see all these other 360s with streak badges and happy faceplates... and when I look at my accomplishments lately all I see is that I've been ignored for 6 days. If I had more badges, I would delete one... just for spite. | permalink

Z Krack's Xbox - September 10 2014

Yesterday I sat... alone... and wanting... 5 days of wanting infact... | permalink

Z Krack's Xbox - September 9 2014

I read online that someone called me all 'emo' for complaining about Z Krack in my blog... what is with everyone and their labels? And in other news, no gaming yesterday... in case you were wondering... | permalink

z krack's Weekly Recap - Sep 8 2014

Ok, here it is... your weekly recap of gaming: I want to ask you... Have you ever been sick for a whole week where all you did was just lay there and do nothing? Well, that was me this week... except I wasn't sick. I was full-on neglected! Seven awesome days of it. | permalink

Z Krack's Xbox - September 8 2014

I dream of electric sheep... ok just kidding that was Blade Runner. That has nothing to do with gaming. | permalink

Z Krack's Xbox - September 7 2014

I was sort of hoping to game... but eh... no big deal. Whatever... maybe tomorrow right Z Krack? Back me up! | permalink

Z Krack's Xbox - September 4 2014

Good thing I have access to Z Krack's entire MP3 collection streamed off his computer. It keeps me busy on days like yesterday when he never shows up to game. | permalink

Z Krack's Xbox - September 3 2014

Don't worry... I'll wait... you can't game every day. | permalink

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